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Winter Shelter

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We're still not sure what we are going to do with Gus (AKA Francis, apparently his real name).

I'd like to know what the options are for a winter shelter. We have a covered porch...so perhaps we can put some sort of insulated house on there where he would be sheltered from the snow/wind. Insulated dog houses seem quite expensive...what could we use to make a similar insulated shelter?

Also, are there any cat doors that will fit into a window without cutting it?

As I said, we're not sure what we are doing about him, but I'm just looking at options right now.
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we care for 6 ferals. We had a pretty brutal winter last year in Cleveland, not too far from you! I bought electric pads (K&D lectro kennel - bought on ebay) made for outdoors and put them in their houses along with straw. They used these a lot. Also got some space heaters and set them up to blow some heat into a few cardboard boxes. The cats hung out here most of the time and came through the winter just fine. Good luck with yours!
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If you've got the kind of window that lifts up vertically it would be SUPER easy to build a weather proof cat door that won't wreak the window. If it opens outwards it's weather proofing that will be the issue :x. It can be done, but it won't be pretty!

If you get some plywood & insulation it's pretty easy to build a box, even if you aren't handy. A heating bad is a great suggestions.

(Francis is a great name for him! )
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I make a shelter using Rubbermaid containers for caretakers in our s/n group. I stole the idea from the Internet but have made a couple of modifications that keep it warm, cozy and usable for years. If you want, I can send instructions. PM me with your email.

Mine uses two totes, one inside the other, with insulation all around and a porthole cut for entry. Up to five cats can snuggle in it.

You can also just cut a hole in a small Rubbermaid tote or a Styrofoam cooler and fill with straw. They are OK because you have a covered porch. The tote is washable but you'll have to toss the cooler in the spring.

ps Francis is adorable.
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on the internet. Just google "feline outdoor winter shelters" or something like that and you will get lots of ideas. I used the rubbermaid tote last year with insulation and straw bedding. Good luck!
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