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I have got a serious problem yall!!!!!!!!!

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I am addicted to this site sooo bad and I can't stop!!!!!

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I didn't know that was a problem! I guess I have it too!!
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This place is keeping me from doing my daily duties at home ...I spend wayyyyyyyyyyy to much time here.....good grief!!!
I just can't seem to stop myself...when I can't stop myself with something, it becomes a problem
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Hmm, maybe get started early with what needs to get done, and use the time on here as a reward?

I'm that way with computer games, which is why I don't buy them anymore.
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Uh Oh! Here come the ADDICTION POLICE!!!!

This is the way I handle it:

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What is the first thing you do after you get up?
Me I go to the bathroon,then grab a pepsi,and then.......I trun on my coumpter to the cat site!!!!!!!1
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You think you have a problem - look at my post count. If work ever found out how often I am on this site during the day I would be isn BIG! trouble!
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Yknow when I found this site I was comtemplating on whether or not I should sign up.. because I visit a few message boards already and it takes up a lot of time, and I knew if I started posting here I wouldnt be able to stop, but the board looked so fun and active that I couldnt resist.

I now am ignoring my other boards to a degree LOL
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Well, I'm a newbie here and I can see the addiction, but then everyone has to have a flaw, to be interesting eh? So feed your addiction and just lurrvvee it!
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As far as addictions go, this really isn't a bad 1. It could be drugs, alcohol or something equally destructive!
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Ady, that is so true! This is a POSITIVE one in that we are forming friendships, learning new things and finding ways to help our furry kids.

Sherral, I am like you. I get up, stagger to the kitchen to get 2 frappucinos, and then into the computer room. I need an hour on the comp before I am ready to face the world!
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This is my husbands most frequent saying lately."You and your cat site"..I am like.Yep, I love it!!
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Help! I am supporsed(sp) to be washing the wall's in the 2nd bedroom,but I can't step away from here!!!
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My name is Kathy, and I am addicted to The Cat Site
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I set a 15 minute timer and do house work for those minutes then 15 minutes on the comuter! LOL Works for me!
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Teresa, I may need to use one of those...
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Hello, my name is Heidi, and I am seriously addicted to The Cat Site!

(You know, of course, that's the first requirement for being a Moderator here.....incurable addiction! )
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Hmmmm I don't seem to have that problem!

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I don't see anyone ready to stage an intervention, I guess we're all enablers. In this case, addiction is not a bad thing, since everyone is addicted.
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What's Housework? What's Homework? Whta's School? What's Work? LOL

I'm Sam and I'm yours purrrrrrrrrly addicted to the cat site.

I Love all my friends here and I will never leave

Sam and her purrrrrfect pets
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See, Kathy, you're no different than the rest of us!
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Ok,,,*****taking a deep breath of relief*****
Now I feel much better!!
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Hey if we're addicted and have a problem, can we file for disability or get handicapped tags or anything like that? I mean, we should be able to get fringe benefits...
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LOL, Coke, Kitties, The Cat Site

My Life

I was on about 15 groups now I'm on 1
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I go to another parenting site, and that is it....I am here much more though...
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I come here, then ebay, petfinder, and the news. That's about it.
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Pepsi,cat site,e-bay yep that sumes it up!
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I come here, then middle earth online, (mad Tolkein fan) and a few other gaming baords and a look at my university's site....though that's when I'm not surrounded by textbooks.

That's where I addiction problem at all.
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