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outdoor cat

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I have a cat I have been caring for 3 years, he sits on my porch, has a small dog box with straw in it,?
Is pretty happy, He is TOTALLY uncatchable and untouchable, He will sit and look at us from about 4 feet and that is it.I know he is not catchable as he was so very sick about 2 months ago and even in his lethargic state would run, so I didnt bother as I was afraid of stressing him more, I got him med and give in his food , he got better, NOW he has Fleas so bad that he is scratching his fur and you can see some of it thinning, I am trying to give him capstar now, wasted 3 so far as he is so smart he knows when I am up to something, I have ordered more capstar and Program, since I cannot get close enough to drop the revolution or frontline on him I thought this may be my only choice, My question is , IS Is safe to use, I worry that I will do him more harm then good, but I cant see him scratching like this, I will try to give program and capstar, but wondered if anyone has ever used these or had any problems with these products? thanks Heart
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I'm sorry that I don't know the answer to the flea problem, perhaps consult a vet that could be of more help. But I just wanted to say that I have cared for a cat for almost 2 years, he too was uncatchable, and even broke through a drop trap. He would also just sit and stare at us. We took the very slow approach, right now he is upstairs in a bedroom and is the most affectionate and loving cat in the house. I would have never imagined that. If you have the time and patience, maybe this will happen for you too.
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