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untouchable , uncatchable cat with fleas

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I have a cat I have been caring for 3 years, he sits on my porch, has a small dog box with straw in it,?
Is pretty happy, He is TOTALLY uncatchable and untouchable, He will sit and look at us from about 4 feet and that is it.I know he is not catchable as he was so very sick about 2 months ago and even in his lethargic state would run, so I didnt bother as I was afraid of stressing him more, I got him med and give in his food , he got better, NOW he has Fleas so bad that he is scratching his fur and you can see some of it thinning, I am trying to give him capstar now, wasted 3 so far as he is so smart he knows when I am up to something, I have ordered more capstar and Program, since I cannot get close enough to drop the revolution or frontline on him I thought this may be my only choice, My question is , IS Is safe to use, I worry that I will do him more harm then good, but I cant see him scratching like this, I will try to give program and capstar, but wondered if anyone has ever used these or had any problems with these products? We have tried the trap, he wont go near it!
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I have used capstar for my cats and dogs in the past without any problems. I have not used Program, but a friend has used it with some feral cats that she cares for.

You are doing the best you can to take care of his needs. Sounds like a good plan. Have you tried hiding the medicine in tuna juice or a mashed bit of a sardine?

There may be some helpful ideas in the Caring for Strays and Ferals section. Good luck and let everyone know how it goes.
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We've been using Program on my parent's cat for probably more than 10 years--the kitty in question is almost 17 years old. We also used it on another cat of theirs who passed away about five years ago. Neither ever had any issues with Program--we just mixed in some tuna (which was a monthly treat for them when they got the medicine) and they'd eat it all.
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Flea powder isn't usually recommended, but in this situation it might be the only thing that will do any good (sprinkle it in his straw). Program doesn't kill the fleas, so that's honestly not very useful, and if he won't eat the Capstar it won't do any good either.
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I've use Capstar when I first catch a feral, they are usually swarning with fleas, a friend uses Program on her dogs with no problems.

Two things that might help:

First if you can sprinkle a light coat of 5% Sevin dust, be sure not to get the 10% in the area he hangs out in that should kill some on the ground that would be getting on him.

Second, it sometimes helps to hide the trap, putting it in a cardboard box or deep in shrubbery. Try putting his food in the shrubs or box or whatever for a week or two before getting out the trap, then when you know you will be around so that he isn't in the trap long enough to scare himself into a stress induced illness put the food in the trap in the same place.

Some are just to smart for their own good and can spot the trap no matter how well you disguise it, but it's worth a try.
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Also try food grade diatomaceous earth. Make sure it is food grade. You can sprinkle in the places where he lays, and you can put it in his food to control internal parasites.
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You sure are doing what you can for this little guy. Not many people would go to all the trouble. I would really try to trap him though. I would put the trap outside and keep it closed with food in it. Let him get interested in trying to get at the food for a few days. Let him get a little hungry and then set the trap. He may be tempted to go in at that time. God bless you for caring!
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Feral cats who don't want to be caught can (and will) FREAK if you attempt to handle them and that can be very hazardous to you.

It seems to me that trapping would be your best solution, if you can manage trick him into it. I suggest that if you do end up trapping this cat, that you take him directly to a good vet's office and have them sedate him, give him a bath and apply flea treatment to him.

I don't know how feral he is, so I hesitate to offer up too many suggestions because I'm afraid he won't return if he thinks you're going to try to trick him every time he comes by. But after you successfully treat this bout of fleas, maybe you could invest in a cat net for next month and apply flea treatment topically that way?
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