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Anyone wanna diet buddy?

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Urggg. I have gained to much in the past 4 months, from 118 to 138 and still climbing. Those may sound like small numbers, but I am a very small person, 5 foot 2, and very small bones. It does not hang well on me, and I can feel the weight dragging me down. Not as much energy, feet hurting standing for not that long, backaches. (from the belly, not the boobs, no boobs still, and what little did go on there is sagging, yuck) I went in these past months (moving, school at 42, lots of stuff) from being someone who shys away from food for emotional comfort to stuffing my face at any give opprotunity. Harumph, time to stop this!
I dont plan to go on a diet diet, just par down the well, crap I eat, like the Ben and Jerrys Half baked and the Chunky Monkey in my freezer, (it was on sale!!!)
Salt, butter, oh my freinds, I will have to cut down!
Beer, I will weep into to a wheatgrass shake over the loss of the beer! So many carbs, no nutrition.
So, I want to get to 110. fr now, evnetually 100-105ish. That is not an unrealistic weight for me, again, I am very small. Not going to be "Yikes" skinny at that weight at all. Normal for my body type.
Anyone want to join in?
Post your plan, your weight, (we are all friends here) what you REALISTICALY would like to do.
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I had a whole long thing typed up but something went funny and it disappeared.

So I would like to try to be your diet buddy, though I don't have a plan really.....

I'm 28, 5'3", between 120-125 pounds, and would like to get back to 110 or less even. I was 103 in September 2006 and like you was not SKINNY, it fit. I always did have a butt and hips and thighs, but i used to have a flat belly too... poo.

I'm a vegetarian, but i do find junk to eat (and i eat it!), the worst for me is cheese i think. I could move a little more too. Until about a month ago when weird joint pains started to plague me I walked several miles several days a week, but not much else. I'd like to fit into half my clothes again.. I just have no motivation, so, yeah I'll try to help you if you try to help me!
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Might I point ya both to a lengthy thread already on the subject:


Lots of people already on the band wagon, though I think a bunch of us could use more motivation (like me I'd gladly start trying again)
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Ahh... guess i am not the most observant.

I am slowly making my way through that thread, thanks!
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