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My house is a warzone!!!

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My room mates have a cat named Kiki (she is the sister to my Mira). When they first brought her here she and my cat Kipper did not get along. I figured it was because they didn't know each other yet and that the constant fighting would pass, but it's been 2 months and it has only gotten worse. If I am not in the room at the time and I hear Kiki screaming, I run to break it up but Kipper is always several feet away when I show up. But what I have seen happen the few times I am in the room is that if Kipper so much as enters the same room she is in, she starts growling. She growls louder the closer he gets. By time he is about 2 feet away she is screaming and hissing and meowing; it sounds just like an actual fight but he is nowhere near her. I have never witnessed him actually hurt her. I've never even seen him within that 2 foot boundary where she starts panicking. He'll go just close enough to get her freak out but no closer than that. If she runs he will chase her but he never catches her, though I know he easily could if he really meant her harm. Maybe when I'm not around he does worse things to her which would explain her behavior, but I've only ever seen 1 wound on her, and that was just after she came here. You'd think if that was the case there would be some visible evidence of it, right? The worst part and the reason I am finally posting about this is that Kiki has starting having diarreah all over herself everytime Kipper gets too close. I woke up this morning and walked into my bathroom: the shower curtain was torn down, there was a puddle of diarreah in the corner by the toilet and it had been smeared all over the walls, the bathtub, the inside of the shower, the shower curtain itself, EVERYWHERE. Then there was a trail of little diarreah pawprints that led out of the bathroom to the (GASP!) carpeted hallway and into the kitchen, where I found Kiki on top of the fridge. Kipper was laying in the living room looking quite content with not a bit of the mess on him. Everyday I wake up to a similar scene. Yesterday it was the kitchen, the night before that was the dining room. I've tried keeping them in seperate rooms at night when they can't be watched, but Kipper escapes the first time someone gets up to pee. We never had a problem keeping Kiki trapped in my room mates' room, but she started pooping their bed whenever she sees Kipper through the glass door, so they refuse to let her sleep in there now. I have had it. Everyone has. Also I should mention that Kiki is pregnant, so not only is it a pain for us to clean up after her but I'm sure the stress isn't good for her unborn kittens. Kipper does not seem to be the problem, but like I said maybe he is bullying her when no one's looking. The idea of keeping Kiki in the basement until she has kittens has been brought up, and I agree it would be possible to set up a very suitable living space for her down there where she would be safe from Kipper's torment, but is that fair to her? How do I make it stop without seperating them completely?
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Is Kipper neutered? If not, get it done asap.

You have a cat with three week old kittens and another pregnant?

Sounds like there are way too many hormones flying around. Please get all the cats spayed and neutered, for starters, and install a few feliway plug in diffusers to help with territorial issues.
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Kipper is neutered, all the males are. The cat that got both Mira and Kiki pregnant I don't have anymore. (I've got a little question on the side here too: daddy cat was only 4 months old! I was waiting til six months which I thought was the appropriate age to get cats spayed or neutered but he was was obviously capable of reproduction before that. So I wonder with so many kittens, can they be fixed younger, BEFORE they can reproduce so I don't wind up with even more kittens?) As far as the females, I have been in contact with the SPCA in my area to get them all done at a reasonable price, but Mira's pergnancy postponed that, and now Kiki's. Mira is now going to have her lady parts removed as soon as she's done nursing. And while Kiki is not my cat, I did fill out an application for her too, but that was before we knew she was preggers. It's up to her actual owners what route they go with that.
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I see your dilemma. yes, sooner is always better in the situation where there are both female and male kittens.

Kipper very likely is objecting to the pregnant cat's pregnancy pheromones. Some feliway plug in diffusers may help.

However, the cats are going to have to be kept separate at all times. The pregnant kitten, under this kind of stress, may either miscarry (spontaneous abortion), or the kittens could die inutero, or she may kill the kittens as soon as they are born because she will feel they are in an unsafe environment.

If she is not too far along, the kindest (and possibly safest, for her) thing to do would be to have her spayed now. Though I do understand that is not your decision to make.

As for the roommate's responsibility, if s/he doesn't get the cat fixed after this pregnancy and weaning is over, if it were me, I'd take it into my own hands and see that it is done, in spite of. But I know not everyone feels that way.
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Through the SPCA it's only $10 more to spay a pregnant cat, and I have brought that idea up, but they said they don't have the heart to do that. I think I might offer to pay for it and see what they say then, if her pregnancy phermones are what might be setting Kipper off. I would fork out 60 bucks to not have to clean up poop every morning lol. But since I am cleaning the apartment today (and boy, does it need a goooood cleaning) I am going to put Kiki downstairs so all my hard work doesn't go to waste the first time she and Kipper get into it. This will be temp of course, until we can get her fixed, then we will try again and see if they are capable of co-habitation.
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