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Since Jacky will be showing Tiberius for me while I'm at work, how do we sign up. She will be showing Cleo and I think she already registered her for the show. I have no idea what I'm doing. :P I think she was worried about where they would be benched. She could probably explain it better than I can.
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I have not registered Cleo for the TICA show.
I was told I have to bench with all the breeds that will be in the Rex Congress.
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Ok - YOU are the owner, Jacky is the AGENT. So on the entry blank she has to fill out her info as being the agent to your cat. She can also make a note on both entries to be benched with (your names) and star it or highlight it on the entry blanks before sending it to the entry clerk.

Are you sending in the entries separately or together? If together - no problem (will be a check for your entries for both - staple them to the entry blanks).

If sending in separately -then you have to be sure the agent and benching is on both entry blanks.
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I am entering Cleo by the Sept 1rst for the early bird.
I do it online.
Not sure when Ty will be added to the entry.
Is a Bengal allowed to be benched in the area for the Rex Congress?
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If you are agenting a cat, the cat has to be with your other cats - congress or no. There was outrage at a TICA show in NY years ago where they thought "it would be good to bench all cats of the same breed in this spot, other cats in another spot".

The exhibitors were very upset if they had 2-3 different breeds and their cats were benched all over the place - they could not be with their cats and had to be running back and forth, worrying that no one was around to keep an eye on things. It was horrible and many people said they would NEVER show that way again. Some cats were stolen because of this.

Someone explained to me that the breed congress doesn't mean the cats are all benched in the same area - just that the rings would be set up for all the same breed to be judged at a certain time.
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The person I wrote told me that Cleo has to be benched with the congress.
Someone told me that the breeders were very rud to them because they had a BSH benched in a congress.
Last year for the Savannah-rama there was a British Shorthair in with the
Savannahs. Your sister's Bengal can be there all three days but you might get some compliants since you have never shown in TICA.

I sure do not want any bs when it is my first time showing in TICA.
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These are some of the reasons why I don't show in TICA. Fine if you want a congress, but you have to keep in mind that people usually have more then one breed and its not fair to expect them to separate their cats when showing (benched).

I can see making a separate ring for all the breed to be judged at a certain time and taking your cat in that ring. But to have to set up 2 cages and separate your cats is another.
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If they say the cats can ot be together then I will have to do soemthing else.
I refuse to have them in seperate places.
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This must be a club thing. The clubs that put on our shows would NOT bench cats that are being shown by the same owner or agent in different places. That is just ridiculas.

Congress or not. I have entered many congresses and not all my cats were entered in the same ones and some were not entered. Didn't effect benching at all.
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I think I will write the show mgr and see what she has to say.
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I agree it could be a Club thing, or a more likely reason is that the entry clerk doesn't like bengals. There are definitley breed snobs in TICA, CFA and ACFA.

There is NO logical reason to insist all the congress cats be benched in the same area and there is NO show rule requiring it.

Besides, friends request to be benched next to friends and that often puts various breeds of cats right next to each other and not grouped by breed.

You will find though, that the bengals tend to be grouped together and that is because breeders are friends with each other.

So just request to be benched next to your sphynx friends at the show and Ty is going to be right there with you. If anyone gets pissy about it, tell them to get a grip. It's a cat show it's supposed to be fun. Ty is a nice mellow bengal he shouldn't cause anyone any trouble.

Just be sure to keep Ty and Cleo in seperate enclosures so they aren't fussing at each other, as I assume neither will have met the other prior to the show.
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I do not have any sphynx friends to bench with at the TICA show.
I have benched with LaPerm,Aby and Cornish Rex breeders before.
The one with the Rexes show a sphynx also but they do not like TICA so they will not be at the show.
Jerrie Wolfe the LaPerm breeder I know is putting on the congress and she told me to go ahead and bench Ty with everyone that is in the congress.
They will be in seperate cages.
Cleo is not nice when she meets cats she does not know.
She tried to attack my sisters cat after the Fresno show.
She hissed and growled and tried to claw my sisters cats eve though she was in her carrier.
Ty will be seperate.
I am not sure if my sister wants to buy her own cage or use the ones at the show.
That place that sells the cages is about less then 2 hours from here so we can drive there and look at cages.
Some people in CFA still thin sphynx do not belong there but it does not bother me.
We might be taking 3 sphynx and Ty to the november TICA show.
The breeder of the 4th sphynx does not like TICA and made it pretty clear.
It does say CFA and TICA on her website though.
My sister is not sure if she should ask her if she can show her in TICA.
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It's common for die-hard CFA people to not like TICA. I'm die-hard TICA and I don't like CFA.

I have no opinion about ACFA.

I think it's all what you get used to. Basically when you get right down to it, the registries are close to the same.

When I get my Singapura and Aby I will venture into CFA land. I'll keep an open mind and try to fit in.
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I have heard people are nicer in TICA but we will see.
I have met nice people in CFA and of course the bad people.
The Singapura is the smallest breed in CFA.
I have seen a few of them being judged.
I would have showed Cleo in TICA first if there had been some shows at the time that I could go to.
I feel strange showing in TICA for the first time even though Cleo was bred for TICA.
BTW I have taught a few of teh sphynx breeders how CFA works.

CFA was easy to learn for me.
I hope I like TICA
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Well I do admit to being mainly ACFA with a few CFA sprinkled in. The one and only TICA show I attended with my Cornie, I did not like a lot of things about them (this was in early 90's). So I never went back.

IMO ACFA is pretty friendly and willing to go out of their way to help newcomers. CFA is the more "stuck up" association when it comes to welcoming in new people.

Have been showing CFA and ACFA from late 70's till now - so have seen a lot of what goes on.
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