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Daily Thread HUMP day August 26th

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Morning cat folks!

It's going to be a little rainy but I think mostly sunny I can handle that.

Josh is going to be at school late for the next 3 nights But one good thing about tonight is I have a massage scheduled That will be nice. I haven't had one since before the wedding.

Not much more going dvd/cd drive won't recognize it has discs in it so not sure what to do about that The computer was brand new in January!

Anyhoo, have a good one folks!
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Good Morning

Grey and dreary here today, so not sure what we are doing yet.

Might go in the pool as long as it is not storming or anything, but I dunno what else.

Have a good day folks.
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Good grief Nat about the pc. It's too early for errors.

Chris I hope you & your daughter are enjoying yourselves.

Nothing special going on here. I did get my nap in yesterday with DS for 3 HOURS. I was stunned when I woke up and saw the time.

Have a few phone calls to make today. Kmart owes me $5 or a really good explanation.

Kitties are hanging out on window sills or sleeping in dark spots. Tomorrow will be really nice & they can go out an enjoy it.
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Morning All

Sunny and quite cool here this morning.

A little on the weary side as I didn't sleep all that well last night.

Have several errands to run today, then afterwards just home for a quiet evening of puttering on the Computer and TV.

The kitties are sitting in the window enjoying the cool breeze. They were tearing around like banshee earlier I guess they like the cooler weather.

Everyone have a great day
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Sunny with a nice breeze today. good day to get the lawn mowed! But right now I don't seem to have the energy to get out there and do it,maybe later.
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Think it's supposed to be a nice day today, but it was hard to tell driving in to work since we had pretty heavy fog. I'm going to try and get a good bit done at work, hit the gym, then head home. I'll probably get home fairly late since I've been slacking off lately. After I get home and get all my daily chores finished, I'll read for a bit and try to turn in early. I've been having a hard time motivating myself to get up early lately, so I need to try to get to bed early so that it will be easier.
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Good morning.

Damp and rainy here today (not that I'm complaining - I love rain). The cats were being crazy again this morning, I'm convinced they just like the coller weather.

Another work day for me. I'm hoping for a quiet one. My husband has taken on two household projects for today - installing the coat rack in our kitchen to replace the one he removed on the weekend, and starting work on sifting through our guest room (aka: the dumping ground) which still has unpacked boxes from when we moved in 3 years ago.

Otherwise, my day is work, gym and maybe some quilting tonight.

Hope everyone has a good one.
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Good morning!! It will be sunny and hot today! I hate it being hot with school because I go to ride my horses in between classes and it is rather grosse if I dont make enough time to get home and shower! I have classes all day, Media Law, then my Enviromental earth science class---its like oceanography, climate change...etc. then this afternoon is my Alexander the Great and the Hellinistic Age class love history. Then tonight I have my Folklore in Contemporary Life class this class should be.....interesting! Dont know if I will make it through the day! I wish it was cold so Icould drink my coffee throughout the day! Kamie is running around the house like a crazy kitty! Got to love kittens, they find anything and everything amusing! Have a Great Day Everyone!
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I am just laying around today. On Monday, I started to get a sore throat and yesterday it was really bad and I had a high fever. I went to the doctors and I have a throat infection and an ear infection. I had to take a few days off (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday) and I am so bored I don't know what to do. I'm not used to having 3 days off in a row. I have just been laying on the couch watching tv.
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Morning (yes, it is still morning in Long Beach, barely..)

Hot out already, says it's 85, which is nice but not in our apartment. I will be putting on the beast of an air conditioner this afternoon for sure til the sun goes down.

Another slow uneventful day at work on my own... BF is in a bad mood this week because of his work, so yeah this week is kinda blah. Oh well, these things happen. I'm going to go to lunch soon I think even though it's early. I'm hungry already!

Have a good rest of your Wednesday everyone!!
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