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Great new book!

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I hadn't heard of this book before Tuesday. Maybe you have. The author (Gwen Cooper) was on the Diane Rehm show, telling about the book about her blind cat, Homer.

Gwen Cook on the Diane Rehm show

She was telling some neat stories, such as the time Homer attacked an intruder (human) in her house!

Homer's Oddyssey
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Thanks! I will have to look into getting that book.
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Here's a video of the author, and Homer!

Homer and Gwen
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The Homer story sounds very inspirational!......
thanks for show the video!...
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Have to put that one on the list!
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Got mine from Amazon today.
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Originally Posted by mrblanche View Post
Got mine from Amazon today.
do you ask with hard cover my friend?...
new or used?
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I got it in hardcover. It was only about $13. I think it was in the "new and used" section.

I'm up to the chapter about her introducing Homer to her other cats. He can't figure out why his stealth sneaking up on them won't work.

Homer today, full grown, 13 years old, weighs only 3 pounds.
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I got it today and am 1/2 way through it. What a wonderful, heartwarming book!

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I really Bet it!.......
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I just got the book, and was going to read a few pages this afternoon, and save the rest for the weekend. I should have known"saving" it wasn't going to work!

It's one of those books to keep and re-read later. Homer is a very inspiring little cat, and the story about the burglar was great. 9/11 from the author's perspective as a pet owner was interesting, and also how Homer has won over so many non-cat people.
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And the most maddening point in the book was the big guy who backed Homer into a corner, hissing at him because "black cats are evil."
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Hissy the Wonderputz? She got rid of him fast enough.

I liked Homer's "guitar playing".
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Reviving this thread... I put this book on my Amazon Wishlist the day this thread was started. My dad always goes to my list for birthdays and Christmas to get me something. This time (b-day is two days away), he got me this book. Last year, he got me the book on Dewey for my birthday. Of course it'll have to wait to be read. I just started my grad classes, and one of them I have to read 150 pages between two books before next Tuesday evening... but maybe this will be my treat for finishing them.

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