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We're 1 year old! (plus a couple of days)

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Iris and Cali had a birthday on August 23. I spent the whole month thinking they were almost a year old, then when the day came I totally spaced it until about 10:00 PM. Of course I was at work then so didn't get any birthday pictures on their birthday.

Iris was born at about 8:00 AM, Lion at 8:20, and Cali at 9:30.

Day 1--it's always lunchtime. L>R are Iris, Lion, and Cali

Day 4

Cali at 2 weeks

Iris at 2 weeks

5 weeks

Sisterly love (Did I SAY I wanted a hug?!)

More to come. Too many pictures to put all in one post.
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Sorry, I didn't realize that I don't have most of the pictures on photobucket. I'll post their 1-year pictures now and try to get some of the in between ones later.
These are from the day after their birthday. They were definitely not pleased with the photo op. I think they were mad at me because I forgot their birthday.

Iris dodging the paparazzi


Cali & Iris hiding under a chair

Cali getting a birthday bath from Shareena

Iris in a slightly better mood--still not impressed with the photographer
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They grew from adorable kittens to lovely young ladies!
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Happy birthday, you gorgeous cats! I hope you got everything you wanted, even if it was a day late!
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Happy Birthday pretty girls
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I cannot believe they are one already! Thats crazy! They are very pretty cats.
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Aww, Happy Birthday Iris and Cali (and Lion, too)! You're such pretty ladies. They look wonderful.
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I'm always amazed how such small helpless little things turn into such a thing of beauty. Happy Birthday Girls.
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Happy (Belated) Birthday, Iris and Cali!
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happy birthday
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