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Ted Kennedy Dead

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Just reported on the radio, Ted Kennedy has died. No link yet.
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Here's ABC:
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They just said it on tv also.
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Wow I didn't expect this to happen so soon- i just saw him in the news a few days ago waving at a crowd? Maybe it was footage from earlier I wasn't paying attention but he wasn't bed ridden was he? maybe i've been living under a rock but from what I remember hearing about him - he was doing well..
So sad he was a brave guy who never gave up till the last day even knowing his prognosis was not good.
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RIP Ted - you were a goo one
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It seems like the end of a era. He had his flaws as most of us do.But the good he has done for the USA out weighs those flaws.
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RIP Mr Kennedy.
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Farewell, my senator. Rest in peace.
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It was sad news to hear this morning. I truly feel for the extended Kennedy family, they are going through some difficult times right now. RIP Mr. Kennedy.
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RIP to him....
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As Ted Kennedy was a very polarizing political figure, as well as this being a news story, I will move this and merge it with the thread in Breaking Mews (sub-section of IMO).
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We were still up when the news broke last night. One of the first statements that was released was from Nancy Reagan who said that although they differed in politics, Ronnie and Ted were good friends and had great respect for each other. She also said that she had found Ted to be a great ally to her in her support of stem cell research. She had nothing but kind words for him.

Although I disagreed with him politically on most subjects, I do respect the man who dedicated his life to public service and who fought hard for what he believed in. My deepest condolences go to his wife, children, large extended family, many friends and multitude of supporters.
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I thought the statements by Mrs. Reagan and President Bush I were very gracious - it truly does seem the end of an era, and I feel for the Kennedy family.
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RIP Ted Kennedy, now you have joined your brothers. Sorry to see you go.
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Godspeed, Senator Kennedy....millions and millions of US children owe their productive lives to your work in getting the harmful DPT vaccine outlawed here *(after it was outlawed in GB, Japan, France, Germany) and also writing & getting passed the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Act. Thank you for all the help that your office gave me in trying to get help for my vaccine-induced, brain-injured daughter, even tho you represented MA and we're from CA. Every time I have had a grandchild or niece or nephew get their Dtp vaccine problem free, I give thanks for you and bless your name.....I pray that you are reunited with your wonderful sisters again and that upon crossing RB, you were greeted by those babies who didn't survive the DPT and our wonderful TCS kitties and dogs, and then you were told, "Well done, My good and faithful servant".
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R. I. P. Senator Kennedy.
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