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I got a new dog!

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A 7ish month old dachshund mix from the shelter!

I was kinda looking, but was being uber-picky, I knew exactly what I wanted (small dog, loves everyone, good off leash, go-everywhere type). I was helping with an adoption event on Sunday and I met him. I took him home to foster, to make sure he fit with my dogs and cats. He did. I formally adopted him yesterday. He is certainly bonded to me. He loves everyone, but he sticks close to me, and doesn't let me leave the room without him. He doesn't need a leash (he will use one in high traffic areas, but from house to car or sitting outside, he's leash free). And he's actually housebroken.

Without further ado, here's Harley:

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Awwwwwww how cute!!! Congrats on your new addition...If your not familiar with doxies get ready they are HIGH ENERGY dogs and very clingy!!! I have a nine mth old mini doxie named Franklin (pics posted in this section) who demands as much time as all three cats combined he is also good off leash since we live on a farm I trained him off leash so he could run off some energy without me having to run too..LOL...I hope you enjoy him very much cuz doxies mixed or not are a blast and a loving companion for life!!!
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Do you know what's he's mixed with? He's pretty cute
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What a cutie pie he is!
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Thanks guys! I love him!

I am not certain about the mix, he was a stray. He masqueraded as a doxie/chi until yesterday. His cold cleared up and his true personality is shining through. The other half is more than likely jack russell. I can see it in his gait too. Wee! lol. Stepping up the training to keep the terrier at bay .

I have a 13 year old dachshund/beagle mix. I didn't like doxies until I met her. Now they are a favorite! Such a sweet, personable dog.
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Squeeee!! How cute is Harley? What a sweetheart!
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Originally Posted by pushylady View Post
Squeeee!! How cute is Harley? What a sweetheart!
all that and congrats on your new baby.... Hopefully we will see a lot more pics of Harley as time goes by.

How's he doing with kitties?
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Ignores them. Inside anyway. He tried to chase a neighbor cat while outside, but was leashed. We're working on the "leave it".
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What a cutie! I would never leave him alone with your cats for now anyways after all he is a hound. Congratulations. Enjoy your new addition and thanks so much for adopting!
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Yeah, while he is a "good" puppy, he's still a puppy. He gets crated when I'm not home. He HATES it. Oh, well.

The cats have a high place the dogs can't get to (due to having a herding dog) so if he chases them when I'm not paying attention, they can get away. Lump is still bigger than him, and Fin is probably the same size. I think this keeps him from wanting to mess with them. But yeah, I am careful with the kitties. I was fostering his kennelmate for a few days when I got him, and she (chi/doxie) got up on the bed by Lump and snuffled all over in his fur. Wagging her tail the whole time, he purred. It was cute! Fin still hasn't forgiven me.
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