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Cute behavior!

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This morning I was taking a bath and at least 4 cats were perched on top of the bathtub edge as usual. I sat up to reach for something and I noticed Tango scrambled from one end of the tub and over some cats to the other end of the tub where I was currently sitting up.

I laid down with my head on the other end of the tub and Tango scrambled over cats to the end where my head was again and proceeded to drink near my head.

At that point, I realized that he has always sat near my head to drink from in the tub. I got curious and decided to sit up again and see what he'd do.

He scrambled over some cats to the other end of the tub to be near my head then when I laid back, he scrambled back over some cats to continue drinking near my head. Isn't that cute!

For some reason, most of my cats likes to drink from the tub whenever I'm in the tub. If I filled up the tub but don't get in right away, some will start meowing their heads off til I get in. For some reason, none of them will drink from the tub unless I'm in it.

Buddy also likes to perch on edge of the tub and pretend he doesn't notice his tail go into the water... After a few minutes, he'd "happen" to notice that his tail got wet. *Gasp* he'd stand up and try to catch his tail then end up jumping off to groom his tail. A few minutes later, he'd be back doing the same thing again and again.

Any of you have cats who does these?? Cute huh?
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That is cute and too funny!! My cat pretty much always comes in the bathroom to keep me company when I'm in the bath, and will occasionally just stand with her front paws on the tub ledge to look in, but never jumped up there, and never expressed any interest in getting any closer. She just likes to be in the same room and hang out.
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(Hate to tell you, but they don't drink the water unless you're in it cause they're trying to make Soup!!! Throw in some rubber duckies and some salt... )
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I thought it was just my cat that loves the bathtub!

Every time I take a bath, he sits outside the door meowing until I let him in, and then comes in and sits on the side of the tub. He also loves drinking bathwater; I'm waiting for the day he falls in doing so.

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That sounds so funny. Maui would always be by me whether I was showering or in the tub. She would put her paws up, but never drank the water. I just think she liked to be around me in the bathroom. Both my cats loved to go in the bathroom at my apt and just lay back while I showered.
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My cats Mischief and Nemo will actually sit on me while I am in the tub, oblivious to the fact they are getting soaked. Princess Trouble and Itty Bitty just hang around the edge of the tub. Dolce' will actually get in the water with me and so far Sky perches on the edge of the tub.

Nemo Mischief and Dolce' will also go in the shower with me, we have a walk in shower with 2 seats built in and they sit on the seats....It is hilarious!! My cats also drink the bathwater when I am in the tub!
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Originally Posted by proudmamiof4 View Post
My cats Mischief and Nemo will actually sit on me while I am in the tub...
You have a VERY strange household don't you?

Riki () used to come in the shower with me every now and then. Peaches doesn't seem to mind her baths TOO much so I wouldn't be surprised if she develops the same habit over time. M.K. will go in the shower AFTER everyone is out and the water is off .

The strangest thing is that Madison & Kayla (our dogs) always come into the bathroom while someone is in the shower. It started when they were puppies and hubby or I didn't want them loose in the house while we were in the shower so we'd call them in. We're puppy sitting so now there are three dogs tramping in there every time you go to the bathroom & it's NOT a big bathroom and they are NOT small dogs!!!
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That is so funny! Our cats always watch as we run the water from the bathtap, but run when we turn it to the shower.
I'm guessing you don't use bubble bath then?
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I have had a bath with Tabitha in the bath with me! She was playing chase with her sister,Daisy and Tabitha jumped up on the top of the bath,couldn't stop her back end and landed in the bath with me !! I would keep an eye on yours,Pamela! You may come home to find them doing this!!!.........
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Gus used to have to always be in the room with me when I took a bath. He would actually sit in the tub while it was filling up and would stay until he was standing in about an inch of water. He would also sit on me when I was in the tub. Most of the time, though, he would just sit on the edge of the tub and watch me.
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LOL Alley perches on the edge of the tub but between the shower curtains so she`s waterproof.She will poke her head in sometimes to watch.I started a water-related thread over in "What`s New Pussycat?" so won`t rehash it hear.My cat also walks around the toilet seat when I`m going #1 (if I don`t move her off).She`s become an expert at maintaining balance and avoiding the stream.
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