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Pro Plan Selects magnesium level?

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I got a free bag of Purina Pro Plan Selects Chicken and Brown rice dry food and all of the cats enjoy it. I am confused on the magnesium level in this food as I can't find it listed on the package. Is this food all right to feed for cats who are prone to UTIs?
I usually feed Solid Gold Katz n Flocken but the cats seem a bit bored by it lately.

I am so confused with cat food! I read all of the posts but to tell you the truth it's alot to take in. Especially when you have cats with different health issues.

Is there a dry cat food that is good for UTIs and also good for cats with no health issues? How about aging cats vs. cats under five? I already tried Wellness and that didn't work regarding the Urinary issue. If possible, I just want to buy one quality food for all my angels that will keep them all healthy.

Sorry for all of the questions! It's just the more posts I read lately regarding food the more confused I get.

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wet food is good for cats with uti's a believe, actually it is great for any cat, much better than dry.

wellness claims to help with urinary health but it really doesn't.
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I know that many vets say a high magnesium level contributes to crystals but if you're feeding a wet food, I wouldn't worry too much. I just read "Your Cat: Simple New Secrets..." (I don't remember the entire title) by Dr. Elizabeth Hodgkins and she said that the magnesium level is not a big concern. Her thing is to feed raw or canned food without the fillers or grain.
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Call the company ...

as for wet food and NOT worrying about magnesium , yes to a degree IE HEALTHY cat with no uti issues... Even some raws have to high of minerals and in a PRONE or HISTORY of cat it can still be an issue...
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Got an answer back from Purina. The magnesium content is 0.10%.
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With dry food that is one of the first things I look at, even with the "good" ones. I always think if it is not listed, then it is to high. But I also feed him Friskies Special Diet canned. I don't give him any ones with fish. For one thing, it stinks. I have tried 9Lives canned but his poo always smells so bad. I think it has something to do with what is in it. I have heard it is ok to feed a litter cheaper brand of canned but make sure the dry is a premium one. I am going to switch Lucky to Healthwise.
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