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We love our new George Foreman Grill

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I finally broke down and bought one. I have tried a few different meats on the grill, and its very easy to use, and produces great results.

Last night I grilled burgers, which, even though I used lean ground, produced more fat than the steaks and chops I had done. The grill unit has a dripping tray, where the fat runs off and collects in this trough which you just set below the bottom lip.

I left it on the counter, as the fat was still hot, and then forgot about it. This morning, the tray was kind of pushed aside; odd, I thought. Then noticed that the fat in the tray was half gone, with apparent kitty lick marks in it.

So apparently the cats like the grill as much as I do. I wonder which one was the culprit? I wonder if I will be able to tell?
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I love my Foreman too. The only thing I don't like is the cleanup. I find that if you spray it with non stick spray before it gets hot, it helps with the clean up. Also, if you clean it when it is still a bit warm, that helps too.

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Or, apparently, just leave it out where the cats can get it. It looked pretty clean this morning.
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i love my foreman i just wish the plates could be removed and washed, they are so hard to clean the way they are and you can't submerge the unit.. Otherwise, it's great
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Windmere makes an indoor grill, the HealthZone grill, similar to Foreman, but with removable dishwasher-safe grill plates. I got mine at Zellers, but I've also seen them at Costco. The only thing is that it is not tilted (I guess Foreman got a patent or something), but I just put a little stick under the back legs and it works just the same way.

If I cook something really fatty (like bacon) sometimes there will be some grease left on after dishwashering, but on the whole, they come very clean. And even if I do have to hand-wash, at least the plates come off and you can wash them in the sink easily.
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i kno it gets really hot and kills germs and all, but I just can't get past the fact you only wipe off the foreman plates.. maybe I'll have to purchase a windmere one next..
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To get mine clean, I get at it when it is still a little warm. I put it in the dish drain which is in my second sink, and I run the water over it while scrubbing at it with a nylon scrubby thingy (yes, that is the technical name :P). Once all the food particles are gone, I go back over it with a very soapy wet rag. So, I don't dip the whole thing in water, but I think it is very clean when I am done with it.
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I love my grill too and Toes drank the fat from some meat I had and had diarrhea for a week. The vet said he was fine, but to pay attention to his hydration.
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