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Kittens and bones

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I'm preparing to start the cats back on raw, and with last weeks success of Pepper the kitten loving venison I'm hoping all goes well with starting her full time as well.

However I got to thinking how do you give kittens bones? She will be 18 weeks next week and still has her baby teeth from what I can tell. I was thinking of offering chicken ribs but don't want her to hurt herself.

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in the wild the mom cat would be giving the kittens mice at that age and she doesn't debone them first

i think chicken ribs would be a nice small bone to start with.
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Chicken ribs, quail and Cornish hens are the perfect size to start cats and kittens on.
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Thanks, we'll see how it goes. I'll admit I'm alittle petrified to offer them to her. I got over my fear with the boys, they handle bones very well.

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Uncooked bones are not harmful to cats. Even if you gave your kitten a turkey drumstick to gnaw on, the worst that could happen is she might wear herself out trying to break through to the marrow.

There's no danger at all to your kitten, it just feels like there should be because we're so conditioned to believe (que the spooky music) "bones are bad".

I still occasionally wince when I hear my kitties crunching through chicken ribs, but I know it's a good sound, no matter my gut reaction.
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Necks are a common first bone... Mine love thigh s I do not love them all over the house
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Originally Posted by sharky View Post
Necks are a common first bone...
I agree, necks and wing tips are easy to start with.
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sorry to revive this rather old thread, but i was giving my 5 months-old a chunk of wing bone but it's just too hard for his tender tooth. i wanted to cut it to pieces but i heard it could make choking. so what should i do here?
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