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Baby steps, as long as they are in the right direction, are nothing to scoff at in situations like this. Sitting in a chair to eat breakfast, even if that's all she had in her at the time, sounds pretty darned fine. Keeping up the
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vibes vibes and move vibes... it sounds she is well on the road to recovery - it is a long road, but one full of hope!
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I am so glad that she is recovering so soon. It must be a trying time for you,

Prayers that she makes a fast recovery.
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Originally Posted by clpeters23 View Post
They had Holly sit in a chair today and eat her breakfast. It was very exhausting so she didn't stay there too long. She's still passing her tests and talked to a physical therapist today. Recovery is going to be a long process, but she has tons of support which should help a lot.
Sounds like she is doing as well as can be expected.

My continued for Holly.

I'm so very glad she has a strong support system.
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The physical therapist had her stand and take a couple steps today. She took the steps, but sat right back down in the bed. The therapist said it was a good start and they'll start working with her regularly.

Holly did ask me to get her laptop from home; she's got a lot of friends on secondlife she wants to communicate with. They did another CT scan this morning and it was good. She still sleeps a lot, which I've been told is normal.

It looks like she may be in for a long hospital/rehabilitation stay. But, if she can resume her normal life, it will be worth it.
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Glad to hear she is improving, even if it is slow.

Sending more to her and a for you.
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The neurologist in charge of Holly's care stopped by tonight and said she will probably be moved out of ICU in a couple of days to a regular room. Once there, they will start physical therapy and if (a big if), she can prove she can take care of herself and do okay alone, she will get to come him this weekend.

The flip side is she may require more intensive PT away from the hospital, but all in all, we are definitely heading in the right direction.

Bless you all for your vibes and prayers.
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Wonderful news!
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Holly was moved to a regular room two days ago and will be going to a rehab center nearby which is one of the best around (our father went there after his first stroke). She's having problems with her short term memory and I just pray she can resume her normal life.
Thanks again for all the vibes; things could have turned out much worse than they are!
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This is good progress. Keeping the flowing.
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Originally Posted by rapunzel47 View Post
This is good progress. Keeping the flowing.
Glad to hear positive news!
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She is such a stong girl!
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