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Trouble feeding cats individually

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I have 4 cats. 3 adults, and 1 kitten. About a year ago, I was told all the adults were slightly fat. I put them on diet food, but continued to feed free choice. They were loosing weight fine, but because one cat is a nibbler, and one cat likes to be a piggy, etc. one of the cat's actually became slightly underweight.

Once I got the kitten, I saw no choice but to start feeding them individually, because now I have fat cats, an underweight cat, and a kitten who needs his own food. I did a diet calculation at work(vet's office)and got measuring cups.

I'm now feeding individually, it's been about 3 months. I'm having trouble though. One little noise, and the cat's scatter, or they take a few bites and decide their done. I end up running around to different parts of the house bowls in hand chasing after them. It's getting ridiculious & I'm loosing patience. The kitten is a crazy piggy, and tries to get into the other cats food or becomes distracted and starts causing mischief. I have to stand over him like a hawk, and plop him in front of his own food over and over until he finishes his measured amount. He gets mad at me and crys in protest.

I divide their daily portion into two meals. I made an attempt to feed more than twice daily, but it is very hard to find time to do so. Also, when I travel at the end of the month, it will be impossible to find someone to come over more than twice daily.

Any suggestions?
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Cats learn rather quickly. I would put each one in individual rooms for 20 minutes with a bowl of their food. If at the end of 20 minutes they haven't eaten it, I would still pick up the bowls and put them away. Sort of a conditioning, a new way of eating. They will learn, they have a set amount of time to eat, and they will eat then. I would try that, but if one of them refuses to eat anything, then I would go back to the old way and just increase the exercise on the overweight cat. I would also lean towards Royal Canin food as they have a lot of different blends for different needs.

Has the kitten been tested for parasites as well?
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The kitten had coccidia but tested negative twice now since completing medication back in April.

The cats are on Hills WD. It is higher in fiber and lower in fat. Good for the overweight ones, and ok as a permanent diet for everyone. They get various amounts depending on the weight. Peanut, one of the adults, has possible IBD, and this food has done wonders for him. He has been normal since starting on this diet. I'm afraid to switch, but I wonder where to buy the food you speak of? Local petstore?
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Balki the kitten eats Iams kitten. He likes it, but he is just a very active & easily distracted kitten, and is a pain in the rear at times!
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