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Do you have a "Grateful List?"

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What are YOU grateful for in your life? Even those of us beset by trials know that we have wonderful points in our lives. What might yours be? Here are some of mine:

Grateful for the fellowship here, for the constant accessibility to other caring and sharing people.

For my home, my health (even with problems) my animals my husband

For Anne, (by the way where are you)? For blue, deby, deb25. Mr Cat, Meowman, TLK and for ALL of you who remind me each day how important it is to reach out to others and show them how important they are to me.

For my life out here in the country, surrounded by nature and away from the hectic pace of the advertising world (where I used to work)

For my husband's humor and warmth and gentle spirit and how we meet daily in prayer

:angel2: For my good neighbors who are the salt of the earth

That God has allowed me to experience so much in my life through my service to Him

For each animal as it comes to our door whether wounded or walking and that I have the capability to take it in, to care for it and to help it find its way
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This thread is a good idea! Here's my "grateful" list:

1. I'm gratefully enjoying relatively-good health;

2. I'm grateful for my animal companions and for the fact they are healthy;

3. I'm grateful for having my own home (even though it "belongs" to somebody else) after spending several years in a homeless condition;

4. I'm grateful I can pay my bills and have a little left over;

5. I'm grateful for my dear friends who live nearby, especially Kristin and her family;

6. I'm grateful for my cyber friends, especially the ones here at The Cat Site;

7. I'm grateful I still enjoy exercising my brain, via art and literature;

8. I'm grateful the bus stops right outside my home!

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1. I have a wonderful husband who's funny, kind, and loves the cats.

2. My asthma inhalers

3. my computer is still working

4. odor absorbing clumping cat litter

5. my cats

6. my right index finger was bruised and cut, but not broken, when the window fell on it

7. hot water---I was doing my dishes, really hating it, when I realized, a pioneer woman would have killed to be able to wash her dishes with hot running water.

8. my microwave--it's so nice to be able to cook without heating up the whole house in the summer
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Hissy what a wonderful idea! list of things I'm grateful for-

1. to be able to be self suffient & support myself.

2. to be able to feel, to cry as well as laugh.

3. my sweet little cats who bring so many smiles to my face & make me
laugh, even when I don't think I have any laughs left in me.

4. all the wonderful people here

5. all the things I'm able to do through my job that would have never
been possible for me before.

6. the love & support I get from my family

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...things i am grateful for;

my family; my sister and brother


my wonderful cats

my wonderful friends

all the beautiful people i've met here and gotten to know

the privlege of being able to eat everyday, and sleep under a roof in a warm bed



being a sensitive, emotional person


angels on my side

incense and candles and baths

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I just found this thread, and I like it!

In no particular order off the top of my head, I am grateful for:

My health

My strong-willed nature. It has helped my get through many setbacks.

My house and my cats

My father (may he rest in peace). I feel lucky that I was given such a wonderful man to be my dad. He influenced my life in countless ways.

All of my friends

My kids

My mind: the fact that I haven't lost it somewhere along the way and the thinking part of it that gets me through each and every day.

The friends I have made here on this site. Reading a post and being mentioned without expecting it is like getting a letter in the mail or a phone call from a friend.
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What a wonderful idea this is.
I am grateful for things too numerous to mention, but....
I am grateful that I wake up every morning and have another chance at life.
The love of my family, friends and my animals.
The fact that I had a wonderful family life as a child (not to be taken for granted today)
I have a good job and can support my family - human and otherwise.
That I have relatively good health and that God allows us to smile and laugh.
For the gift of feelings - both happy and sad. For without the sadness in life, we would not appreciate the happiness.
For the beauty of the world.
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Originally posted by debra myers
For without the sadness in life, we would not appreciate the happiness.

Well said, Debra. I feel the exact same way.
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I'm grateful for so many things (these are just a few):

My kids
My husband
My parents and that we get along so well
My friends in the neighborhood that save my sanity on an every-day basis
My house and car that we thankfully didn't lose when Doug was unemployed
That I get to stay home with my kids
My church and home team, who God used to care for us during the "Great Unemployment"
The Cat Site
Last, by never least, my pets, Muffy and Daisy (my lab)

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1. For Anne creating this site and meeting so many wonderful people who have given of their hearts so openly to me.

2. For having a wonderful family and friends, all of whom are supportive and stand beside me through thick and thin.

3. My cats. My friends cats. my families cats. OK, all cats!

4. Having an imagination and being able to express my thoughts and feelings through my writing and my films.

5. For having experienced true love more than once. Especially Helen, whom I feel is my souls mirror!
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I am grateful for all the things God has made on this earth. For all the mountains and valleys. For our animal friends who brings us joy.
I am grateful for my children. I love them wiht all my heart.
I am grateful for the cat site that brought me new friends from all over the States, Canada, and the world.
I am grateful for my friends and family who are with me through good and bad.
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Dear Hissy,
Thank you for the wonderful thread

There's so many things to be grateful for I'd be grateful even just to remember half of them...but I'll give what I feel is my priority in life right now...

I'm grateful for the Lord, how much He shows me His love.
I'm grateful for my loved ones, whether they be people or my babies.
I'm grateful for my health, for it can be gone no matter how much in great shape I'm one's exempt from the unexepected.
I'm grateful to help others...there's no better feeling to be derived from life. :angel2:
I'm grateful for that frog screaming (did you know frogs screamed!) I saved from the clenches of the centenials I call my babies mouths...If not for day wouldn't have seemed so purposeful today.
I'm grateful for being alive and filled with the Spirit...for sharing my love is the greatest love of all.
I'm just one grateful person right now...coming back here and being with my cyber friends...I've missed you terribly

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So glad to have you back here!

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What a fantastic idea Hissy! I think it's really important that we all take time out to be thankful for the things in our lives! There are so many things I'm grateful for, I don't know where to start!
That my Mum is still alive and keeps going every day even though she has big setbacks with her health.
That I have my beautiful family and wonderful friends
That I am able to get up each day and enjoy life
That I recovered from my accident and can walk, jog, run and jump again!
For my perserverance through tough times
For the clean air and water
For the trees and flowers and animals and beautiful countryside
That I have a roof over my head and somewhere warm at night to sleep
and for this fabulous site, that puts a smile on my face every time I come here!

I could go on and on and on but I'll stop here and leave room for someone else to post!!
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:flash: I am so thankful to have found the Cat Site while I was/am going through a difficult time in my life.

:flash: I am thankful to Hissy for helping me to feel so "not alone" through her sharing with me about similar trials.

:flash: I am thankful for being able to come here and feel inspired by you all (Hissy, Debby, Deb25, Mr. Cat, Blue, etc)and to realize that there is innate goodness in the world which I sometimes forget about.

:flash: I am thankful that I am 30 this year and feel I have a wonderful life with no regrets, that it is important to live my life as a life of purpose no matter how the odds are stacked against you.

:flash: I am thankful that I have a decent job that I have been at for 5 years that allows me to take care of my furbabies and rescue furbabies, have a roof over my head, good food to eat, and a paid off car.

:flash: I am thankful for the strengh that I inherited from my mother and the compassion that I inherited from my father.

:flash: I am thankful that I have learned to live life with a pure heart, speaking the truth, and continuing to grow through sharing and giving.
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I just want to apologize from the bottom of my heart, to anyone who may have read my post here, that I made a week ago, where I said I was sulking over a post in another thread I had taken offense to... I have deleted that post I made...and I am SO sorry I was acting like such a child!!!! I guess we all have our moments like that...please forgive me!

There are many things I am grateful for....thanks you for this thread, Hissy!

1. I am grateful for God...that even though I make so many mistakes, he still loves me and is proud to call me his daughter.
2. I am grateful for my friends who truley love me and accept me just the way I am....
3.I am grateful for my step-children, Brooke and Blake, who mean the absolute world to me...and I could not love them anymore than I do, if I had given birth to them!! (she is 16, he will be 11 in august)
They were 3 and 8 when I entered their lives!!!
4.I am grateful for my dad. I miss him so very much....but I am grateful that he provided for me, and left me an inheritance, but most of all,,, that he taught me to love God!! And I know I will see him in heaven some day!!!!!! (fathers day was hard by the hard this year....the first year without him) But I did okay.
5. I am grateful for my 3 brothers....they are all chrsitians, and always there for me.
6. I am grateful for my pets who love me unconditionally!!!!!

7. I am grateful for all of you guys that I have met on the catsite, and who have become such an important part of my life!!!!!!!!! ( Thank you!!)
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Dearest Debby (baby sister):angel2:

I am grateful that you never abandoned me.....I noticed your thread...I'm sorry that I didn't reply. I was very upset at the time after my surgery. Thank you for your love and friendship. I don't know why I retreat to the chambers in the darkest corners of my soul. When things go wrong I automatically do that. I don't want anyone to know, I apologize for not responding. I did try. Even a few times; I just didn't know what to say. A "hello" wasn't enough and an explanation was too much. All I have to say is is that you're a great person Debby and I do thank God you've been here for me "always"!
We have a lot of great people here and for that I'm truly blessed.
Love Always
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Today I am grateful that Debby is feeling better about life!
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I cried when I read this thread and that's the first thing I'm grateful for - for still being able to feel moved
for being able to love
for my family who are always there for me
grateful to God for He gave me the eyes to see the beauty of the world
to my cat for making me feel happy every day
to my boyfriend for making me feel happy from time to time (:laughing: :laughing2
to the cat people, to all of you I don't want to mention names for I might miss someone, for being there and being the way you are
my wonderful friends
my job for it gives me the freedom not to worry about food and shelter
for being healthy
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Catarina!!! I will never abandon you!!! Even if this dang computer breaks down....I have your number, never wonder....I will love you for life! (your stuck with me.... )
Debra.....What a SWEET thing to say!!!!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!!! That really touched my heart!!!!!
Billie....I want you to know how much you have come to mean to all of us here too....we love you, you are part of the great "cat" family!!!!!!!!!
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Debby -
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I am grateful for (at no particular order):

- the wonderful man that shares my life, my love, my cats and soon (hopefully) my baby.

- My pregnancy still being there and the baby being alive.

- My grandparents coming here to Israel from all corners of the globe in very rough conditions. That's what led to my mom and dad meeting and me being born.

- The great supportive family I have. Both my parents, brothers, sisters and grandparents and also my husband's family that made me feel as one of them from the start and have been there for me throughout these 2 weeks I've been in bed (my mom-in-law brought me breakfast, lunch and dinner to bed throught this time and my father-in-law brought me freshly squeezed orange juice every morning and was here to help me with any little thing I needed).

- Our wonderful friends who kept visiting and calling and helping out in any way they could.

- The wonderful people I met on this site and the enormous satisfaction I get out of it!

- My health and well being (and Prozac for helping me have it )
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I forgot one thing I am thankful for.....

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