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More vomiting.. ???

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Last week I posted about Genever puking in her bed 2 nights in a row after I found a tapeworm segment and got Profender (topical dewormer) from the vet and put it on her. I called the vet and they thought it wasn't related to any possible licking off of the medicine, and if she keeps it up to call again, otherwise just keep our check-up appointment for Sept. 2.

That was Tuesday and Wednesday night. She then puked Saturday morning. Then she puked yesterday when I came home from lunch, after she ate a bit of dry food (TOTW), and again around 4AM last night/this morning (had dry food plus what looked like a little hairball), and then AGAIN as I was about to leave for work around 7:45AM. So 3 times in the last 24 hours. It's almost always dry food bits when she pukes. But she doesn't ALWAYS puke after eating, and not everyday, so I hesitate it's the food that's the problem.

I am calling the vet this morning to let them know the puke count for the past week is 6 times. Don't know if they will want to see her sooner or still just wait til the appointment next Wednesday. I give Genever 1/4 of a 10mg Pepcid AC everyday per the vet's orders from a few months ago to combat puking (not working too well these days obviously!) because she always kind of puked sort of a lot, but not like this week.

I don't know if there's an allergy or what. She's been on TOTW for several months, and Wellness cans- chicken, turkey, and beef & chicken flavors. She eats normally. She plays normally. She pees and poops normally, I scoop everyday and I swear she has friends over during the day when I'm not home, there's so much in the litterbox!! So even though she vomits, she still eats and drinks enough that gets digested and comes out the other end.

In the meantime, I'm going to try a probiotic, I have a few packets left of a probiotic I got from the vet that I used before I had G tested for Giardia. I've read that some of you use probiotics that you get from the store, probably a lot cheaper than what the vet gave me and probably the same stuff. I'll do a search and see what to get.

I'm just worried about my G-cat! Last night BF said he was worried she might have something really wrong with her insides since she's had so many digestive system problems with worms and parasites and whatnot in the 7 months we've had her.

Anyone else have puking kitties? Any thoughts on the cause? Any suggestions? Thanks.
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Update - I'm taking Genever to the vet today at 4:15...... wish us luck!
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Sending lots of vibes that way Let us know what the vet says. I hope its not related to TOTW.
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I'm glad you're getting her in today. I'll be watching for updates. Has your vet done any tests? x rays or blood work, urinalysis?

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OK, so we went to the vet yesterday afternoon, and $96 later we're home and no puking so far in the past 24 hours.

Genever's exam went well, temp is normal, she gained back the weight she had lost I think from when she had Giardia, so she's back to 11.5 pounds which she was when we adopted her. Good.. She didn't seem to be in pain when the vet poked at and felt her belly and everything.. So since her behavior and eating and pooping all seem normal, the vet didn't think it was an allergy or an infection. She said cats sometimes get in a cycle of vomiting and they need something to break it. Like the brain keeps signaling to vomit. I didn't quite get it, but ok.

So she got a shot of Cerenia, which is basically for motion sickness. I hope it helps!! Has anyone ever had this issue and/or treatment for their cats??

She still has to get her annual shots next week, but if she's doing better she doesn't need a full exam since she got one yesterday. That's good for my wallet.

Also, I just want to brag a bit about how good my Genever is, the vet and the 2 techs who dealt with her all gushed about how good and sweet she is. So well behaved!! I love my baby! And I want her tummy to feel better!
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Aww thats a good baby if she got a smiley face on her chart

Did they do any blood work?
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Thanks for the update! Yes, it is true that sometimes the vomiting cycle just needs to be broken. Often a vet will recommend (over the phone) stop feeding for 24 hours to help break they cycle.

The anti motion sickness shot sounds like a good idea, I never heard of that before! I've made a note of it, though, in case I ever run into a similar problem, to ask my vet about. I know she has used reglan (anti nausea shot) on occasion.

I don't blame you for "bragging". Everyone likes to have well behaved cats at the vet, and I too like for people to gush over my kitties while I am there.
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Originally Posted by Pami View Post
Aww thats a good baby if she got a smiley face on her chart

Did they do any blood work?
No, they didn't do any blood work. I guess since everything else about her seemed to be normal, including gaining back the weight she had lost a few months ago, she just wanted to try the Cerenia shot first. If Genever pukes a bunch by the time she goes back next week, I will tell them, and then the vet said she would do some tests.

So let's all keep our fingers crossed for no more
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aww, glad the vet visit went well - my vet also advised withholding food and water from an adult for 24 to break the cycle and settle the tummy (assuming vomiting is the only symptom and kitty seems happy in all other respects, like pee and poo).

I'll have to remember that motion sickness shot myself.
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Just want to through out a couple of suggestions....

There have been other incidents of cats on TOTW vomiting (at least one posted on this board here). Have you tried taking Genever off this food, just to see what happens?

Sometimes cats develop allergies to varying ingredients, especially in dry foods. Does your cat eat any wet? Could you try increasing the wet portion and decreasing or eliminating the dry food altogether?

I hope Genever feels better very soon!
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Well, I hesitate to think it's the TOTW making her puke only because she doesn't ALWAYS puke, just your typical occasional cat puke, besides this episode of 6 times in the past week. And she has been eating it for several months. Also I'm afraid if I would stop feeding TOTW suddenly and try another food, that the change would upset her tummy and make her puke more. Thoughts?

If I could give her more wet food I would. Or rather, if she would eat more I would give her more. I'm down to 1/3 of a 3 oz. can of Wellness a day because she simply won't eat more of it, and even then she often leaves half of it on the plate. BF thinks we should stop with the cans altogether because more of it gets wasted than eaten, but I know wet food is good for her so I still try. Also I will add that I've tried different brands and different flavors, and the Wellness chicken, turkey, and beef & chicken are the ones she will eat the most of. Won't touch fishy flavors and pretty much snubbed others like Solid Gold, Natural Balance, etc. She does drink a good amount though, especially her 'bed time water' which is a nice Glenlivet Scotch glass on the table next to my side of the bed. That's right, we use only the finest glassware in our household!

I appreciate the ideas and suggestions, keep 'em coming. I just hesitate change too much at once, I won't know if the shot worked, if new or no food worked or didn't, etc.
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I know this thread is old news and all that, but for anyone interested, I'd like to report that it's now been a week since Genever got that Cerenia shot, and we've had no more puking! She is eating well, the same food as always, and besides a bit of lethargy due to the heat (same as me), she is doing great.

Also, the vet called a few days later to check up on how she's doing, and said if something like that happens again, Cerenia also comes in a pill form if we'd need it. Maybe for travel or something. Good to know.
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I'm glad the shot seems to be helping.

As for a particular ingredient being a possible issue. I have one cat that can't have corn. He wouldn't vomit every single time he had food with corn, but often enough that it became a very noticeable pattern after he ate. I removed corn from his diet and vomiting did stop - I honestly can't tell you the last time he vomited at all because it's been a few years.
The problem didn't start, though, till he was over a year old.

I have another who gets some loose stools on chicken.

If the vomiting comes back start isolating ingredients. though that it doesn't.
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