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Dust Free Cat Litter?

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Can anyone give me some advice about dust-free cat litter? Riley has an appointment Friday afternoon because he has been coughing in a way that resembles the "cat asthma" videos on youtube.

If he does have a problem, I'm going to need to change cat litter. Currently using Tidy Cat scoopable, but its very dusty. Can anyone tell me what brands would be good if it turns out he does have this problem?
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I really liked the corn-base kitty litters I tried a few years ago, they are dust free. However, we stoped using them due to cost (for corn-based litter, it was rediculous! but possibly because we were purchasing from a small pet store).
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The best one I've found so far is Walmart's Special Kitty. It comes in clumping and non-clumping varieties. I like the kind in the green box. It says "fresh scent" but I don't smell any scent with it. It has very little dust and scatters less than the TidyCats beads. The cats also like the sandy texture better. You may need to use a little more to keep the pee suspended so the clumps don't stick to the bottom. However, it's one of the cheaper litters so that won't increase your costs.
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I've been experimenting with scoopable litters lately. I've tried World's Best, Special Kitty (Wal-Mart brand) and Dr. Elsey's. That order is also the order of dustiness from most dusty to least.

Special Kitty is very cheap and *almost* completely dust free. I find it inconvenient to have to go to Wal-Mart to get it though.

Dr. Elsey's is *completely* dust free but costs more than Special Kitty. Also clumps better but the SK clumps very well. Dr. E clumps the best of any litter I've tried thus far.

World's Best isn't too dusty as you pour it out of the bag (that is, not much of a "dust cloud" as you pour) but it is very crumbly. After it has been in the box for even just a short time. dust starts to accumulate in the bottom of the box. I hated how the floor in the room where the boxes are located would get covered with yellow dust. Also, there were many times when one of the cats would jump up on my bed and leave a dusty paw print on the bedspread. And my room is down a hallway and across the living room from the litter box room!
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Dr. Elsey' Precious Cat is dust free and a great litter!
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I use Arm and Hammer Expressions corn based litter, It's completely dust free. I can dump, scrub and refill all 13 boxes without wheezing and I have COPD. I contracted pnumonia using store brand clumping clay litter last year. It also doesn't hurt kittens (or the dogs) if they happen to ingest any.
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I use wood pellets, no dust and no tracking.
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I've tried a lot of different litters over the last couple years. Here's my opinions on some low/no dust options:
If you don't mind no clumping pine pellets are great! They don't track and really do well with odour.
For clays I liked Dr Easleys and I recently poured some special kitty non scented which was not particularly dusty for a clay.
Personally My favourite is called "feline fresh". It's easy to get here in Canada, and I'm told a little harder to get in the States, but it's a thicker pine then feline pine clumping so there's less tracking, and it's clumping so I can scoop. Now that I've gone natural I don't think I'll ever go back to the clay...the dust just clings to everything!
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For a kitty with asthma....
a non-scented, low dust litter is essential.

I used Worlds Best Cat Litter until I adopted Isis...
the dust turned her black feet yellow.
Way to dusty.

We now use ...
Dr Esley's Precious Cat Ultra.
I never thought I would use clay again but this litter has no dust, clumps well and no scent...
I get ours at PetSmart.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I will keep them in mind once we get a diagnosis. His appointment is Friday afternoon.

I should mention though that I can't use anything with Pine because I'm allergic to it We had one at the rescue using it and I couldn't change his box because all I did was sneeze around it!
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