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NetFlix? for Canadians?

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I've seen alot of people mentioning netflix....

Can someone give me the lowdown bout it? Good/bad? Any problems with it? Do you get the movies in the mail or watch them online?

and anyone know if there's similiar for Canadians, as from what I read on netflix website, it is only for US.
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Ok, for Canadians reference:

Wow, IMO, they all seem expensive. I just rented from my local store, 2 new releases for $6. (I had coupon, rent one get one free.... each rental is just under $6 with tax)

Has anyone ever used any of the Canadian ones?
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Wow, that is expensive. We pay $14.95/month for unlimited movies either through the mail or thru the computer. Actually, I do think there is a limit to the movies watched per month on the computer but I don't really know because my computer and movies via internet don't like each other.

But, it's actually a sweet system. You choose a list of movies you want to see, and can bump some up in the queue if you want. They send out 3 movies to begin with, and when they get one back they send out another one. Best thing....NO late charges!! I'm terrible about taking movies back to the rental store so normally it would have been cheaper to just buy the stupid thing!

When we first signed up we had cable so only wanted movies for the weekend, but we've since cut out cable so we LIVE on netflix!!
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Yeah I love Netflix too. We have the plan mentioned above, 3 DVDs out at a time, unlimited for $15 per month. BF and I both have our own lists on the account too so they alternate and send one from mine, one from his, etc. Not necessarily like we have super different tastes, and I'd have been fine if we both added movies and TV shows to the same list but he wanted separate lists. OK....

Anyway I think it's a great value if you tend to rent a lot of DVDs, definitely cheaper too, as long as you watch 3+ DVDs you get your money's worth in rentals. We actually hardly ever rented movies but decided to try Netflix, and now we are watching lots. It's nice when there's nothing on TV (which is all too often!!).

Hope they expand to Canada soon!!
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Hey thanks for the boyfriend and I might really benefit from something like this (he's a gamer)
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My friend uses this, and they watch a ton of movies each month:
They're really happy with the service and haven't had any problems.
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My Beau has netflix and we love it! He can watch on his xbox as well and can watch with a group of friends online. Its pretty awesome!

We have a huge list of movies in Que to get sent!
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Thanks for all the input guys

It's something we're investigating to see if it would work for us.
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We absolutely love it. The envelopes are prepaid; you stick a movie in your mailbox on Monday, the mailman picks it up, Netflix e-mails on Tuesday that they have received it and are shipping the next one in your queue, Wednesday you have a movie.

My 11 year old loves to watch instant movies on the computer, but he was unable to do this until we bought a new computer (faster) this year.

The best thing about it for me is that you can find almost ANYTHING you're looking for. I've rented a "B" movie I saw with my 7th grade buddies in 1971, miniseries from the 70's and 80's (they were big then), great PBS miniseries, TV shows I loved way back when, but aren't in syndication now...

It's great. Video stores are becoming a thing of the past here. Redbox (instant rental "machines" in grocery stores for new releases only) and Netflix are sending them the way of the dinosaur, and with the prices they charge, they should.

Hope it works out for you.
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Chris, I've begun renting movies from the MovieCube, which would probably be in your local Superstore/Zehrs/Lablaws. Movies are only $1.99 for a night and if you sign up for their email newsletter, you get a coupon every week....usually for a buy one get one free. So we rent 2 movies for under $2. The only problem is selection. They do get almost all the major new releases...and my experience anyway is that there is hardly anything already checked out. However, some of the more random new releases, or some older movies you like to watch, you may have to go to a rental store for.

The major complaint I've heard about the mail programs is that you can't choose what movie you are going to watch on any given night, because you can't predict what you will get. Even if you have it on your list doesn't mean you are going to get it NOW.
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