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Help with wet food recommendation

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Hi everyone -

I've been working through some loose stool issues with my 14-month old kitty. The vet has ruled out all the bad stuff, so now I'm working on pinpointing the food that might be causing her some distress.

I can keep in pretyt much under control with metronidazole and Holistic Solution powder, but I'd really like to find the actual problem and get rid of it, as opposed to treating ths symptoms.

So I'm trying to find out is there's a food sensitivity thing going on.

We're tried the grain-free thing and that didn't help, so I don't think she has a particular sensitivity to grains, and I don't think her current diet includes any lactose product, so I don't think that's the problem, either.

She's eating the Avoderm Select Cuts Tuna and Crab (wet). She absolutely LOVES it and her coat is much nicer than it was on the previous food (Fancy Feast, also fish). However - I wonder if the fish might be the problem. She does not like the Avoderm Select Cuts Chicken, so that's not a good option.

So - I'm looking for a recommendation for a high quality wet food that is not fish and is not a "pate" style - she seems to prefer the chunky stuff.


Thanks ...
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Wellness has some chunks and gravy styles now, called "healthy indulgence". They come in pouches.

Some of them are grain free (though I know you said that doesn't matter). There are only two that do not contain seafood or fish, though. Chicken and chicken liver, and Turkey and duck.

I recently switched my Fancy Feast boy, Tolly to the Wellness. He did fine on Fancy Feast for 10 years, but I wanted to get away from the artificial flavorings now.

He prefers pate, but would not eat any of the Wellness canned pate styles, so I tried the pouches. At first I was mashing the chunks up into a form of pate, but lately he is eating them as is.

After three months, I frankly see no difference at all as far as improvement in coat or energy level (in fact he seems a bit quieter, but that may be the heat) or size/odor of bowel movements, which is disappointing as the Wellness makes big claims and costs double what the FF does, but at least I know he's not getting the artificial stuff that is in his beloved Fancy Feast.

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Wellness has a chunky food in pouches, but i've never seen it in stores here. http://www.wellnesspetfood.com/cat_w...hes_index.html
You could try Merrick, not exactly chunks, but close. http://www.merrickpetcare.com/store/...at_food_55.php
I agree fish shouldnt be fed too often, maybe twice a week max.
My kitties are the opposite, they only like the pate kind!
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Innova has new 'flex stews' out that are chunky with gravy. I know there is a beef one.

Some of the Nutro Max flavors are chunky, but not all. Maybe they have a fish-free one?

A short-term fix would be to mix a little bit of plain canned pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling, just regular canned pumpkin) with the wet food.
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