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Miny and Mo

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We didn't get to meet their sweet little kitten souls, but I wanted to acknowledge their few hours of life. They had such a traumatic start and end to life but I hope that they are now happy seeing their tiny siblings are fed, loved and happy.

I feel so sad that they never got a real chance but I know everything was done that could have been done to try to save them and a bit of my heart goes with them.

Night night angels

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I'm sorry Linka R.I.P Babes!
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I'm so sorry linka.

May their souls be at rest.
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Although they were in just a moment of your time, they will most likely be in your heart forever. Every time you see their siblings there will be a bittersweet flash of how it could have been much more sweeter with more than two in the family.

C-section kittens are just on the fragile side. A vet once told me that the kittens gain strength traveling down the birth canal, and so somehow this process of being taken directly from mom's stomach hinders them. I know you would have loved them just as strongly and cared for them just as passionately.

You have my heart...take care of those two babies now, and yourself.
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But they had someone to care for and love them whether it was for a few minutes or a lifetime.

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RIP Kitten Babies.
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