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I'm truly and deeply sorry if I offend anyone right now but I agree that if you have particularly loud and misbehaved kids that you shouldn't bring them to public places like the theatre where it's kind of an unspoken rule to have good manners.

I know that kids are going to be kids and sometimes they are going to be loud...but then you need to take your children to child-oriented places and movies instead of into an adult-themed movie.

And the buffet thing with the kids sticking their fingers into the food is one of the very main reasons that I don't do buffet dining anymore.

I really hate loud and annoying kids in the movie theatre, and it always seems to happen irregardless of whether or not I go on an opening night or in the middle of the week. When I go to the movies before noon when all kids should be in school and someone's little brat is kicking the back of my seat...I can't help but think nasty thoughts about what horrible parents they must have.

I do understand that there are extrenuous circumstances where you can't always find a baby sitter while you go grocery shopping or go to a nice resteraunt, but there's really no excuse to bring your child into a film that isn't rated for them. Come on now... Lets be a little more responsible than that. And if your kid is annoying everyone around you, don't be afraid of your kids like all parents are these days and tell them to quiet down or you're going to spank their bottom in front of all these people.

I'm sorry for your horrible movie experience and I hope that they at least refund your ticket or reimburse you in some way. They really need to have ushers that come in and out of the theater every once and a while to make sure everyone is behaving in a courteous manner.

Edit - And even though it is a bit off topic I just have to add that one other thing that bothers me to no end is when you go somewhere (like a theatre or resteraunt) and there's basically no one else there with a hundred free seats around you and the next people to come in choose to sit five seats away from you.

Could anything possibly be any more rude than that? Come on...I want to enjoy my movie or meal and not have some stranger sitting in my lap while I'm doing so.
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Originally Posted by strange_wings View Post
I wasn't telling her when she could go. sheesh. But it is simple, if people and kids annoy you, go when there'll be less of them.

And my basic point still stands as well. Tolerate others in public. No one knows why some kids or adults behave the way they do, you simply can't see inside their heads and you don't live with them. No one has any idea if the stranger next to them does what they do for a reason.
No one can dictate who can and can't use a public place (short of the owners), and everyone else has as much right to be there no matter how annoying they may be. You, I, and everyone else reading is not any more important or special than anyone else - you simply can't ask everyone to compromise completely for you.

Simple example, I hate the sound of babies crying. The sound is physically painful to me. I don't expect parents to leave their babies at home because they inconvenience me or others. That would be silly and selfish.

Again, no one can decide how someone else decides to raise their child, provided that the child is not being harmed in any way.

But I suppose none of this matters to anyone as people have already made up their minds against being more understanding and trying to see the other side of things.
You're basically saying that: you shouldn't go out in public and expect people to behave in a reasonable manner in the first place, and, if you're offended by rude behaviour then you need to be more tolerant. Like every kid misbehaving is doing so because they have some condition we should all be more sensitive about. If they do, then their parents would surely be used to getting complaints and explaining that, and then they have a right to ask for more tolerance.
Seriously, more often than not, children are rude because they haven't been taught not to be. They will get away with what they can - they're kids! And I personally believe that as a society we are entitled to expect people to raise their children in a certain way. It's a real shame that good manners are considered old fashioned these days.
I'm very glad the OP got her ticket refunded, and I hope you enjoy the experience more next time!
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Kids should be more polite and the parents should be more responsible, but there's no way that underage kids are going to stop going to movies. From my experience, theaters are very lenient about that kind of thing. They don't really care about their customers. As long as nobody starts a fight and everyone has a ticket, they probably aren't going to do much. If you complain to the theater, what happens? They give you a free ticket so you can come back and have it happen all over again. They want to get as many consumers and as much money as possible, but they don't actually care.

With that said, I hate all those annoying kids on the busy nights, which is why I make a point to not see a movie on a busy night unless it's a movie I have been waiting to see for a while. If you want to go on a busy night, go right ahead but just know that you will have at least one kid at the show who is annoying and who shouldn't be there.
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