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I have a cat trapped in my shed

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I had to take her kittens from her at 4 weeks because they had terrible runny noses and runny eyes. I have been trying to trap her but this little girl is a tough case. She is only little more then a kitten herself. I put the trap in the shed, I then closed the shed door on her so I'm waiting to see if eventually she will go into it if hungry enough. Do you think I have a chance that she will go into the trap or will she starve herself because she's so scared. I tried the trap outside but it was just no good. She has no special routine where I could have a rescue group come in to help me. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Interesting solution.

I think she will go in there and eat, when everything has calmed down. Probably at night.
Thus, dont disturb her!

What are your planes once you have control, ie she is in the trap?? (or possibly, let herself be taken voluntarily, once she has calmed down).

Are you considering to try and foster her yourself? Rejoing her with her kittens?
Send her to some shelter/rescue group?

Tell also how it is going with the kittens. Perhaps in their own thread.
(btw, if you raise the kittens on your own, do you know the site

good luck!
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She had 4 boys I am keeping 2 and my sister is keeping the other 2 They are doing so good. We seem to keep having bouts of runny noses and runny eyes, they are getting antibiotics and eye drops at the moment. I didn't want to bring them to a shelter. My niece named them Chuckie, Tommy, Phil and Dill (the rug rats). I have a feeling she is owned by someone but they are not getting her taken care of, so I will do it for them. I can't bear the thought of her having more homeless kittens.

Thank you so much I appreciate your help.
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So what ARE your plan with her? Spay and release so she can go back to her "owner"?

Or do you want to keep her yourself?

Spaying and release you dont need to make any big fuss. Once she is in the trap, you take her to vet, ask him for the flank incision and self-solving stitches.
After it, it could be enough with 3 days observation and recovalescence with you. (MAY be shorter if you are entirely sure she IS a homeless - thus used to hardships).

If you want to keep her - she MAY be a homeless semiferal. Thus you must be prepared to foster her... It isnt THAT difficult if you know how.
But this is perhaps a question for later??
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I'm not exactly sure what I should do with her I already have a standing appointment for her at the Vet for Thursday. If and when she goes into the trap, I'm keeping fresh water and fresh bait in the trap for her. She is probably only about 1 yr old if that, its so sad. She does look like a clean cat like she was owned. Maybe when she got pregnant they didn't want to be bothered. If she calms down a bit maybe I will think about keeping her. I'm just afraid of shelters even if they say they are no kill.
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There's a good chance she'll go in the trap when she gets hungry. What are you using to bait it? I've had the most luck with really smelly Fancy Feast or Kentucky Fried Chicken with hard to trap cats. They seem to find it irresistable.
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Thanks Eilcon for the suggestions. I warmed up some cooked roast chicken, I also tried tuna. So far no luck. Maybe Mackerel. She's in a corner of the shed behind a box, I feel so sorry for her.
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