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Daily Thread Tues August 25th!

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Morning cat peeps!

It is my big sisters birthday today..I sent her a card on the weekend in the mail. Who knows if she will get it in time though. If not today, she should get it tomorrow.

It's going to be another warm and sunny one today here. Right now I am enjoying a coffee and Trout is hanging out on her cat tree overlooking my computer.

I am dreading going to work today. I had a rough day yesterday.

Have a good one folks!
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Morning! Cold, raniny and foggy here right now. Going to be rain showers all day again! Same as yesterday! This has been the most crummiest of summers that I can remember in decades!

Have to work today. I hope it's better than yesterday! I was so busy yesterday that I was meeting myself running around corners! Going to dinner this evening. I hope I'm not so tired that I want to jump into the shower and then into bed as soon as I come home!

One more day after today and then I'm off for a whole 6 days!
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Good Morning
I am trying my best to wake up today and it isn't happening. If this keeps up I am going down for a nap later.

The kitties are running around with their toys today and the other half are just watching.

Looks like it will be cooling off by the weekend.

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Good morning

I'm in a great mood today.... DH had to leave for work shortly after 5, but he came back at 7:30 to go out for breakie with DD and I.

DD is having a good time staying at a motel for her first time

It's supposed to be a nice day today (rainy tomorrow) so DD and I will be doing some shopping cuz silly mom forgot to bring sunscreen, toothbrush and condition (dd and I both need conditioner...DH doesn't).

There's the starting of a trail across the road, DD and I will go exploring later and have a nice walk.....

We're definately going to make use of the salt water pool. I love it.... had never been in one till yesterday. It is really easy on the eyes

Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
This has been the most crummiest of summers that I can remember in decades!
I have to agree with you on that one. And summer has flown by fast because of it IMO...... We've had maybe a total of 8-10 "summer" days meaning above 25C, and sunny.
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Morning All!!!

Sunny and cool here, it sure feels like falls now on the way. I have to agree with everyone else though we haven't had much of a summer that's for sure.

Feeling a little blahhh today, stomach is a bit upset and headachy, hope I not coming down with the flu or something.

Going to putter at the computer for a bit then go lay back down for awhile.

The kitties are all napping.

Everyone have a great day
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Nice sunny day here, supposed to be 27 - I hopoe it is because yesterday turned out to be chilly. Reasonable day at work today, then I absolutely must do some housework tonight!
Hve a good day everyone!
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Morning all!

Also a nice day here. It's sunny but not terribly least not yet. I'm at work and my hubby's playing with furniture building today. We got a few new things on the weekend, so he's been installing it all.

Cats were being silly this morning - we think it's because it's been cooler lately. Cotton was inhale-a-cat and nearly tripped me 3 times in his attempt to speed up breakfast.

Other then that, it's a normal work day and I have to make sure I get off my butt and tidy the house a bit tonight.

Have a good one.
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Good Morning everyone!! I havent been on here lately because I have been soo buisy with work and getting ready for school, who knew 30 hours a week of work could be tiring! . Today is my second day of college! Its another crazy day, class at 9:30-10:20 then I go back at 2 to 4 and then i have a night class from 6-9! And somewhere I have to fit in going to the barn and coming home to check on my baby Kamie because she cant go outside and the guy may come and finish working on our shower. Its gonna be another hot one! I hope everyone has a great day!!
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Morning. No bosses in the office for 2 weeks!!

I'm sleepy today, didn't sleep well at all last night, including being woken up by Genever puking at 4AM and getting up to clean it up... then cleaning up more puke as I was leaving for work. ugh. Calling the vet mid-morning today, I think they are busy in the mornings so I don't like to call early. So yeah I'm just worrying.

No real plans for the day, I was going to maybe meet BF for lunch but I don't know what I'll have to do with the cat, if anything. We shall see. I could really just go for a nap. Heh, and actually, since I am the only one in the office, I really COULD go for a nap! I just might. hehe.

It's supposed to be pretty warm here most of the week, hot really, in the late afternoons. Hey, I'll take it over gloom and doom.

Have a good day everyone!!
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Not much happening around here - even doing basic chores outside is, well, a chore. It is muddy and nasty here, and walking to the barn is not an option, too much deep mud. Weather liars say nice for a couple of weeks now - hope so, because we need the fields to dry so we can harvest

Natalie_ca - sorry about that weather, I TRIED to avoid sending that to Manitoba, you guys are even wetter than we are. And I can tell you, this is the nastiest summer since 2002. I know this because in 2002, I raced some in Manitoba, and was all loaded except for the horses to go to Carman and the skies opened and there sat the trailer in a small lake/large puddle. 2003 wasn't a lot better - made 3 trips and we were rained out, lots of driving for no money...only one I was at in rain that wasnt cancelled was Portage as they have a stone dust track. Aaaaaah nothign like Wawanesa in the mud though
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