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Pictures of feral kittens

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We're quite sick at the moment but we're pretty cute and getting a bit better every day.

This is Eeny, he's the smallest and most unwell at the moment.

This is Meeny. He's the hissiest but will let me cuddle him for a bit. He's the least unwell at the moment.

This is Miney. She's very friendly, purrs a lot and loves cuddles, even though she's quite sick at the moment.

This is Mo. She's from a different, slightly older litter. She's the most outgoing of the kittens and I suspect she may be part Russiam Blue. She loves to purr and will even squeak a tiny meow for me to give her more attention. She sits on my shoulder, watching and batting at things, as I tend to the other kittens. She looks the most well but has a bad chest infection that is improving.

In a nutshell all the kittens have worms, ringworm, ear mites and URTI's caused by Chlamydia. They're on antibiotic drops, worming paste, ringworm tablets, ear mite drench, vitamin and mineral supplement powder, L-Lysine to help with their Chlamydia, cream for their eyes and Protexin powder which re-established good tummy bacteria and helps eliminate diahorreah.

Please keep sending those 'get well' vibes.
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Linka( Member here)'s cat has just had kittens, and she wanted to call them those names, I think she's left with Eenny & Meeny

Those kittens are gorgeous and I especially love Mo

I'm so so sorry those kittens are sick they are awfully precios

Sening LOADS & LOADS & LOADS of Get Well Cute KItten {{{VIBES}}}

& Mega [[[hugs]]] to you my Vegemite-lover-mate

Lots of good luck eh, Love Sam
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sending get well hugs from NY.
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If I could, I'd LOVE to keep Mo.
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Cutie pies. I hope they are feelin better soon .
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Oh, how cute are they and sooooo lucky to have you to nurse them back to health!
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you have to keep Moe she is beautful!
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I really wish I could! I have four babies of my own and my lease agreement says two only LOL. The landlord knows there's four but because I keep the house 'spotless' (his word) he lets me have four. What he doesn't know is that, like we all do, I rush around the day before making the house beautiful!

5 would be really pushing it and as I sometimes have up to 8 kittens, it would just be too many.
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How nice it is of you to nurse these kittens back to health

*sending them get well vibes
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Tania, they are just adorable. Bless your heart for caring for these little angels!
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they're absolutely adorable, good on you Tania!!!
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What amazing little kittens. You have earned your kitty angel wings again, my dear Tania!
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What beautiful kittens! I wish them all the best!
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They all are beautiful.. Hope they will get well asap!!
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Sending get well vibes from Missouri!

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Oh Sweetie-

The little ones look so ill (except Mo) I am glad they are in your capable hands! What happened to your food theme? I also hope you can find GSE soon, it will really help them along to recovery.
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Get well soon, kitties, from Germany.
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LOL Hissy, about the food theme, I hadn't given them any nicknames because the vet said to expect all of them not make it. So I had to think of 4 nicknames quickly when I posted. Couldn't think of four related food things in a hurry. Now I'm thinking about it, I could've called them KitKat, Smarties, M&M's and Hershey
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They are so darling, more positive healing energy for them! You could always change their names when they get stronger.
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Aww Kumbulu, they are so sweet!! I'm glad they have you to look after them... hope they all make a speedy recovery and are well enough to climb your curtains soon!!
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Awww, they're so sweet. : I hope they get better soon... poor little furries.
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