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Question of the Day: Tues. Aug. 25

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Good morning folks Yet another easy question:

What kind of internet do you have? (dial up, dsl, cable, satelitte, etc?)
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We have DSL

Love it, and wouldn't change it.

helps that we don't pay for it (job perk, free internet and LD)
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I think it's dsl. :P
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Cable here...
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I have a funny story. My FIL and his wife live a simple life. Dial-up, basic cable, old appliances etc. Recently my Step MIL had to stay at a hotel for work for a few days and she was in heaven. She had a basic room with fast internet, cable, large flat screen tv you can view from the bathroom, & hot tub. She came home and decided she didn't want to live the simple life anymore. She is tired of living with old technology & realized they are the only ones with dial-up. Now they are looking into DSL/cable connection, flat screen tv, laptop & cable. They have been living off of one salary and banking the other for many years now. It's time to spend it on themselves she said.
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Gee's I jealous I still have dial-up which believe you me can be pretty frustrating at times.
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I used to have DIAL UP but now thank goodness, I have DSL.
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DSL - I wish I had cable, I miss it dearly.
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I switched to cable high speed in December 08. Up until then I was using an 11 year old computer (windows 98) and dial up.

I finally took the plunge and bought a sleek little lap top and switched my phone and internet to cable. I still only have basic cable on TV, because I never watch it anyway, but boy I love the high speed internet. (and being free of verizon for phone)

The ironic thing is....when I was on my old Win-98 machine with dial up, doing anything on the internet took forever as you can imagine.

I was sure, with a nice new computer and high speed internet, I would be freeing up all kinds of time.

Except...the joke's on me, because now that I have high speed access, and endless capabilities...I spend even MORE time in front of the computer, hahahahaha!

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Seriously, I have NO CLUE who's internet I'm using, no one around here that I've asked does either.
It's wi-fi on a DSL network.
I'm possibly picking up somebody's very strong signal from across the river.
Since it's not mine, I've been very good about not abusing their bandwidth with downloads.
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Originally Posted by carolinalima View Post
same here.....and Is wireless by my laptop!...
Even in the bottom of my back yard I been ...
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
Gee's I jealous I still have dial-up which believe you me can be pretty frustrating at times.
by choice, or is that all that is available where you are?

I've had to use dialup the odd time when we had router gosh, I despise it LOL.
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DSL. Love it.
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DSL here.
I've had to use dial-up at my parents' place when I'm house-sitting, and I wonder how I ever lived with it, but they're in a rural area and it's pretty much all they can get.
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I have DSL and it's pretty fast especially since I had dial-up before this. Plus I like the fact that you can still use your land line phone while online.
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We have DSL also.
We had cable years ago and it went out way to much.
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I have cable
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DSL - courtesy of my sister who lives next door.
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I still have dial up because we live out in the boonies and the only other options are WAY too expensive.
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high speed cable
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Broadband wireless!
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Not only do we have super speed DSL, it runs through the first Packet based system installed on the entire planet. Yes, my friends, the most advanced technology at the time was first deployed in a small town in Kansas. I know this - I worked on the project to deploy that technology. You should have seen the looks of surprise on the faces of visitors from all over the world when they visited a town so small that it didn't even have a restaurant or gas station.
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