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Orphaned Kitten - SOS

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Dear Hubby scooped up a poor little tiny waif kitten this evening when he was leaving for work. It was just laying on the side of the road behind a car. He thought the little guy was dead at first, ants crawling all over it. Poor baby. Well, he scooped him up and brought him in to me and then left for work. I have NO vehicle to get him anything to eat. Hubby was running late by the time he did the kitty rescue or he would have gone to get kitty formula then. What can I mix up for the little guy to eat? I know I should never give kittens or cats cows milk but I HAD to give him something. I watered it down and warmed it up and then fed him with an eye dropper. He has been waking up every 2 hours for more and then he goes back to sleep. We will take him to the vet in the morning and get him fixed up. One of his little eyes and his chin has been hurt, eye swollen shut and his little chin has blood crusted up. I would think this kitten is about 5 weeks, pure skin and bones. Someone please help me before the little guy wakes up again.
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My website is designed to help those like yourselves who are floundering in a field of uncertainty-

Thanks for scooping this baby up!
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Thank you SO very much. Love your signature....that is SO true.
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Awww, how sad! Thank your husband for rescuing him/her!
It is so important to keep the kitten warm and hydrated, and of course take to the vet first thing........
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You are welcome and if you need help please PM me. I will be happy to help you. Hopefully, those ants weren't fire ants so I hope you have bathed the tiny one by now. Dawn dishwashing lotion (just a few drops) in warm water will help get rid of the hitchhikers. Comb out with a baby comb or flea comb and go easy. The ants can kill a kitten pretty quickly. Keep the kitten wrapped in warm towels (cycle them in your dryer) after bathtime and keep it warm and cuddled. I hope the baby makes it-
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I have no idea what you have in your kitchen cupboards and refrigerator, so not all of the suggestions may be possible. Yogurt would be better than milk for a kitten. If he won't lap it up you can dilute it enough to put in a dropper or syringe. Apparently the lactose is destroyed in the processing. If the kitten is really 5 weeks old, he should be able to eat some solid food. Try a little boiled chicken cut up fine and mixed with chicken broth (no salt or spices). Tuna fish is not the best food for cats, but a small amount is acceptable if it keeps the baby alive for tonight. Don't forget to stimulate him to pee and poo after feeding.

You are an for taking this little one in.
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Did the little one make it through the night?
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how is the kitten doing?
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