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...Gus (maybe...)!

You can read about Gus at this tread:

As of 2 hours ago, he is living in our staircase. I took him inside where his food, water, litter, bed, and a few toys were already. He started eating (this little guy seems to be hungry) and purred lounder than ever before. He was clearly happy to be inside. I stayed with him for about 15 minutes, petting him and trying to get him familiar with the space. And then I left him. And the meowing began. Poor thing is lonely down there. I started posting this a bit earlier and then got sidetracked, but left the window open. Since I started the story has changed:

I got an email back from the people who owns this little guy. They said their address in the email, so I went by myself to walk by their house (actually only 2 doors down). Seemed well enough, so I went back and got the kitty to bring him home. I carried him in my arms. He was fine until I got near his house, and then he scratched me and jumped down. He wouldn't even get close to the house. I knocked on the door anyway, and a man answered. Meanwhile, there was lots of noise from kids and a large dog barking. I said his cat was back and underneath his truck. He could have cared less. He said that the cat had suddenly decided he wanted to be an outdoor kitty and bolted out the door whenever it opened. Funny, because here, all he does is bolt IN doors. He basically implied that he was a big pain in the butt and said that, if he ended up at our house, so be it. WELL, SO BE IT! Gus is back in the stairwell, after a lot of coaxing with some good ol' Friskies.

This cat is VERY skiddish outside. He doesn't like loud noises, and all I've seen him do is hide under bushes, cars, etc. He wasn't absolutely anxious to get outside, he just wants attention! He is perfectly happy just to jump up in a lap and sleep. I think he didn't like the house, for whatever reason. Also interesting....he originally ate like he had never seen food. Now that he has a bowl full, he ate until I assume he was full and left the rest in his bowl for later. This doesn't sound like a cat who has been "coming home for meals."

Here's where I could use some advice: After two days of notes of collars and no one claiming him, I brought him in pretty much assuming that he would join our household. I made him a vet appointment for Saturday, figuring if he had owners, they would surely notice his absence by then. Well, now I've found the owners and they couldn't care less about him. I didn't really talk to the guy too long...his indifference about his pet just irritated me enough.

Do you think I'm safe to push up his vet appointment so that I can attempt an introduction into the household a little sooner than planned? I'd like to call tomorrow to see if they have anything open, as I'm in workshops all day Wednesday and Thursday.

Although I think he's neutered, I'm not sure if he's vaccinated or treated for fleas. How will the vet handle this? Will he just revaccinate him anyway? I have some revolution at home, but now I'm reluctant to put it on him in case he's already been treated with something. He's not infested or anything, and I did treat Belle and Delilah.

I will be going back down to see him in an hour or two and I'll take more pictures. He really is a good looking cat and sweet as can be!
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Awww! What a handsome boy! Congratulations on your new addition!

I don't see any reason not to up his vet appointment to get him checked and prepped for being introduced to your other family members.

It sounds like the poor boy is absolutely terrified of that other house and he shouldn't go back there. I think he will be much happier with you and your family! By the sounds of it, he already is!
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Awww look at that beautiful beautiful boy. I am so glad you looked after him. It certainly sounds like he didnt want to be where he was any longer.

I would definitely speed up the process with the vet, hopefully, he can squeeze you in tomorrow. I am sure he will just vaccinate him again (if he was vaccinated).

Heres to your little girls wanting a brother
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Thanks for the responses and reinforcement! I've been wondering if I'm doing the right thing. I feel a bit like I'm stealing someone else's pet, but he flat out said he didn't care if he came home or stayed with us. I just can't release him back outside now. I just hope the the rest of his family agrees with this and doesn't come back after I've paid all the vet money and gotten attached (well, that one might be too late :S)

I know when my BF comes home and I tell him that Gus actually has a home, I'll need some will power and confidence to convince him that we should still keep him. My BF likes the cat just fine (I know he's always wanted a "man cat"), but he grew up with outdoor cats and sees nothing wrong with it. So, he's just reluctant to pull a cat off the streets.
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Sometimes cats choose their owners, and it sounds like Gus chose you!

Our Dusty chose us about 4 1/2 years ago, and we are all happy with that decision. Dusty had a collar, but she wouldn't leave our patio. My husband felt sorry for her when she was trying to eat the burned on stuff from the barbeque grill. That began a great relationship. We will never know about her former owners, but we believe she had been abandoned since she had matted fur. She loves us and we love her more!
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I wouldnt even acknowledge Gus to previous "family" any longer. He gave him away.

As for your BF, tell him that Gus has been so excited for him to come home and has been asking for him all day. I always make things up that my cats and dog tell people all of the time. (and sometimes the messages are not very nice lol).

Seriously, remind your BF of how scared Gus was outside and remind him of how full the shelters and foster homes everywhere and what his fate might have been if you both had not helped him.
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OK....feeling a little discouraged at the moment and not sure what to do.

I'm going to post about it at the strays and ferals board, but please read it and let me know your thoughts.
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What a fluffy Garfield you have there!
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Gus is a beautiful boy. I don't have any experience with ferals, but I agree that Feliway diffusers might help as well as a dab of vanilla on all the cats so they smell alike. In addition, a dash of Rescue Remedy might help as well. There are others here who have dealt with this situation, and I hope they can help you in more detail. You might want to post a new thread on the topic so that more people will see it.

P.S. Thank you for taking him in. His former 'owner' sounds like a jerk.
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You did Gus such a wonderful thing by taking him in and loving him...... Can't wait to see more pictures!
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Originally Posted by Natalie_ca View Post
Awww! What a handsome boy! Congratulations on your new addition!
Welcome handsome boy!...
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