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Neuter is $55, and a spay is $75.

Dogs range from $75 - 170 depending on sex and size.

You also get $5 off if it's a kitten/puppy under 5 months.

Rabbits are same price as cats.

Rats and guinea pigs are $45

Oh and there's vouchers available if you live in the cities served by the shelter to get free spay/neuter, and feral cats are $10 which includes spay/neuter, rabies and FVRCP vax, and ear tip.
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Originally Posted by otto View Post
That's a useful link. Thanks for posting it! I was very surprised to find that the organization in my area I talked about is not on the list for my state. I tried clicking on the "email us" link to tell them, but it didn't work.
It worked for me just now. You do have to replace the "X" in the e-mail address with "com" before you send the e-mail.
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In my area there is a mobile clinic that charges $70 for a neuter and $80 for a spay. The fee does include a rabies shot.
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I am in Modesto.
The pound here does it but the are a terrible place.
I will not get into what I know.
My vet is $130 for reg spay and $230 for lapo.
It came to almost $400 for Sasha because I got all the extras.
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in Riverside, Ca one vet does neuter for $15 and spay for $25. he's really good when we caught 4 strays and we'd call at 7am and we dropped them off and got them fixed.
a friend who lives in Norco, Ca told me none of the vets there will touch strays or ferals.
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In 2005 it cost $65 for a female and $45 for a male through the spay/neuter program. I think the regular cost for a female was around $130. However, the vet clinics that participate in the spay/neuter program around here do not provide or even offer antibiotics or pain medicine for the cats after surgery. The clinics that charge $130 provide these medications. Additionally, the low cost clinics use outdated and/or unsafe anesthesia. Some places will ask if you want blood work done before the surgery but charge extra for that. I guess the reason why these spays/neuters cost less through the spay/neuter programs is because they don't give medications, don't do blood work, and use unsafe/outdated (cheap) anesthesia. I wasn't aware of any of this stuff until after I had gotten the cats spayed/neutered.
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Originally Posted by Momofmany View Post
It worked for me just now. You do have to replace the "X" in the e-mail address with "com" before you send the e-mail.
thanks. I understood about the x, but for some reason the link just won't go through at all.

Guess I'll have to make a phone call, ugh!
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Originally Posted by lilblu View Post
I guess the reason why these spays/neuters cost less through the spay/neuter programs is because they don't give medications, don't do blood work, and use unsafe/outdated (cheap) anesthesia.
Not necessarily, at least on the anesthesia. The place I go to uses Sevofluorane, which I understand to be the "latest and greatest". It would be worth asking about, though.

I've never had a vet recommend pre-op bloodwork for a young, healthy animal, or offer any painkillers. So I guess it doesn't bother me that the low-cost places don't do it, either. I would hope that if someone had an older pet that needed to be spayed, they'd have their vet run bloodwork first, even if they still had the low-cost place do the spay. As for painkillers, I'm torn. Young active pets will sometimes be more likely to pull their stitches if they have painkillers, because they can't feel the pain when they're too active or chew on their incision. So for routine spays/neuters on young healthy animals, I don't think pain relief is needed. But I do think older pets or those with special circumstances should have painkillers.
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We have one clinic in my city. Their rates are as follows:

Cat neuter: 35.00
Cat spay: $45.00

Dog Neuter: $55 (under 50 pounds)
Dog Neuter: $75 (50-75 pounds) Plus an additional $10 for dogs over 75 pounds.
Dog Spay: $80 (under 50 pounds)
Dog Spay: $100.00 (50-75 pounds) Plus an additional $10 for dogs over 75 pounds.

Plus, the animal must be UTD on vaccines before it can be altered, which obviously ads to the cost if the animal is not UTD.
It's a great deal in my opinion. My vet charges $90 for a cat spay, so this clinic would be 50% for me.
They also offer a greater discount to low-income individuals. They also offer free surgery when the funds permit.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
I am in Modesto.
The pound here does it but the are a terrible place.
I will not get into what I know.
My vet is $130 for reg spay and $230 for lapo.
It came to almost $400 for Sasha because I got all the extras.
Here's another possibility for you and anyone else who didn't find a Local low-cost spay/neuter clinic in the above link:

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I`m in Northern California about an hour from Sacramento.Not sure as to my vet`s normal spaying fee but it came out to only $35.00.And I had a voucher from my county`s animal shelter for this amount.The office said that was fine and I had no additional cost. Pretty cool.
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Originally Posted by SamhainBorn View Post
Before I got married, I lived in a rural part of Alabama, and I never paid more than $85 for cat spaying and $55 for cat neutering.

Then I moved to Tennessee. HUGE difference.
I paid $130 to get a 5 month old tom kitten neutered. !!! that's after I opted out of getting the IV, for an extra $30. The tech up front said it was such a quick procedure, he really wouldn't need it. If I had gotten the females done at the same place, i would have spent over $200 EACH!

I called the humane society, but they don't even have a real shelter in this area (clarksville) but they did direct me to a site for low cost clinics. I ended up getting an appointment for the two girls but the downfall is that the clinic is on the other side of nashville, an hour and a half drive for me.

But we went, and I'm very glad! Both girls are spayed, had a general checkup, FelV tests, deworming, ear cleaning, claw trimming, and flea treament, plus 4 days worth of pain meds for both girls, and total was only $195! That qualifies as low cost in this area.
I live in Tennessee also in Murfreesboro and was lucky enough to qualify for a grant that covered Sox's spaying. I had to pay for the distemper shot and rabies and for a 24 hour flea pill, but it all only cost me $30. $12 each for the shot and $3 for the pill. I also got her nails trimmed which was an extra $3. When I had looked into it before it was going to cost me over $150 including all the shots. I was so glad when I heard we qualified.
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Originally Posted by Zuma-xo View Post
In Ontario, Canada, it's about $40-$50 for a cat, spays being more expensive, and about $70+ for a dog depending on weight. Regular price is around $200 for a cat, I have no idea how much for a dog.

In Cebu, Philippines, a spay for a cat is $40 regular and low cost is $14 but you add $7 if it's a late term abortion. Neuters are $12.

Not the price in Ottawa. I had my male neutered about 12 months ago at the Ottawa Spay/Neuter clinic and the cost was $78.75 with taxes. I went to their website and they don't list the cost for cat/dogs, male/female...but I believe that when I had Phoebe-female spayed there about 13 yrs ago, the cost was about $90...and I'm sure it's gone up. I still have the certificate, but no receipt for cost.
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Mobile spay neuter clinic:
Female or male cat is $60.00 (includes rabies)
They also have:
Frontline Plus, flea treatment\t$10.00
Revolution, flea and mite treatment\t$10.00
Feline Distemper vaccine\t$10.00
Drontal, feline dewormer\t$5.00

For NY state-wide there's it's $20 if you qualify.
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It cost £29 for Sooty to be Neutered

and £30 for Flash to be spayed

For my mams cat to be neutered it was £5 because she gets benefits
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There is a low-cost clinic nearby that charges $25 male/ $30 female for cats.
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It depends where you go, in my area we have several places that do low cost s/n for different prices. Some also depend on whether you are low-income, or if it is a rescue/feral.

Here are a few examples:

Low-Cost Spay/Neuter Surgery
Pet or Stray CATS: $40*
Pet or Stray DOGS: $75* (under 50 lbs) $100* (over 50 lbs)
TNR Feral Cat Package $20 (includes vaccinations, parasite treatment, ear-cleaning and more)

Spay and Neuter Surgery\t
- \tSpay/neuter surgery for dogs, puppies
(Additional charges apply for dogs 50lbs and over) \t$75.00
- \tSpay/neuter surgery for cats \t$25.00
- \tLow-cost spay/neuter surgery for dogs, puppies \t$35.00
\tIndividuals on Medicaid outside of Chicago (and Illinois)* \t
\tIndividuals on Medicaid residents of Chicago \tFREE

Cost: $10 for cats, male or female, $60 for female dogs, $40 for male dogs

Cats \t \tMale \t \tFemale
Any weight \t\t$40 \t\t $65

My vet starts at about $200.
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Since some posts for this thread are outside the US I'd like to mention the rates where I am. Actually there is only one charity clinic (Makati City, Philippines) I know that does it (I helped set it up a year ago ) But the animals should not be purebred/pedigreed.
Cats - females US$ 10.00, males $ 6.00
Dogs- females $ 20.00, males $ 10.00
City pounds may or may not do the surgery for free depending on availability of medicines and know-how.
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We don't have any around here. Lola's spay was $220. The vets in my area all charge around the same. My vet doesn't make the bloodwork optional, so they are probably on the higher side vs. a clinic that makes things like bloodwork and pain meds optional.
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S.N.A.P which is my local program, will do cats (male & female) for $25 if you recieve goverment benefits. It's $70 if you don't get benefits.
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The closest low-cost place (with no residency/income requirements) is a 3 1/2 hour drive from here....but I used them once and am trying to get another appointment soon. I took 7 feral cats last time and this time I'll have at least 9, and even with driving time and gas money it's still worth it when there are that many to get done. They charge $25 for any animal (and will do potbelly pigs, rats, rabbits, etc. not just cats and dogs), and that includes spay/neuter, FeLV/FIV testing (heartworm testing for dogs), all shots, and "anything else we can do to make the animal more comfortable".

There's a local program to cover the cost for low-income people, but of course you need to be on welfare to qualify. Preference given to cats and Labs/pit bulls.

There's a local vet clinic that has a "cat nip" day once a year, and they'll do cat neuters (just neuters, nothing else) for $15 on that day, no appointments, just drop him off in the morning and they line 'em up and nip 'em. I think they also do cat spays on the "cat nip" day but I don't know how much they charge for them.
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Our low cost spay and neuters are $30.
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I use the Animal Welfare League in White Plains, NY. They sell low-cost spay/neuter certificates. I pay about $40 for a neuter, I believe a spay is $60? When we go to the vet, we also have the option of adding a rabies shot for $10 with the certificate.
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Squeak just had her spay at Valley Animal Center in Fresno on Monday. Spay was $40 and I opted for the kitten shots for $24 more.

They were very good to her, and now 2 days later, she is good as new! She is jumping around, but not playing quite as much as she did before. She licks the incision once in awhile, but it looks like it is healing nicely. They put in desolving stitches and tied them from the inside somehow, so she can't pull them out. So she doesn't have to go back for suture removal.
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w-cost clinic for spaying/neutering can range from $45 to $135, depending on the weight of the dog.
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here the regular low cost clinic a spay is 65 and a neuter is 55 I think.... if you are low income there are programs for a 20$ one though funds are limited
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The best any vets will work with a person with is $35 here - no blood work or overnight stay. Current full prices at my vet are $74 for a neuter and $106 for a spay. That includes pre-op blood work, pain meds/antibiotics, and overnight stay. If the cat has to come back in, and stitches removal, that is considered included - unless you need to go home with an antibiotic and the med is all you're charged with.
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Here in North Carolina I had Boo neutered at a low cost spay neuter and it cost me between 35-40 bucks. With Chickster, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that since she was a rescue cat I could get a voucher from my Humane Society that would completely cover the cost of the spay and most of the cost of her first vaccines. I believe I had to pay about 8 or 9 bucks to cover the rest of that cost. A co-worker took in a rescue and also got a voucher in a different county (which I couldn't find any info for so assumed he couldn't) but they charged him an extra 25 dollars at his vet because his cat was in heat (female Siamese) I had the spay done at my vet, and my vet took my info, sent it to the Humane Society, they mailed me the voucher and I took it back to my vet. It was a blessing since I was very broke at the time. I believe their funds may be limited, though. Local AARF had a similar program but my vet went the Humane Society route.
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The SPCA has a low cost place with an insane waiting list, its $50 for a neuter or spay

The spay/neuter clinic is around $80-110 depending on neuter/spay and age

Regular prices at the vet are around $150-200 for neuters and $200-250 for spays, but a 30 min drive finds you vets that are $100 for neuters and $160-200 for spays
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In Columbus, Ohio our beloved Cat Welfare has done up to 4 cats for $10 total. I think their current low-fee is up to $20, still an incredible hell of a deal AND includes a free rabies shot. Much to Cat Welfare.
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