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HOW much is a LOW cost spay or neuter in your area

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THIS is not a debate of when or if to spay or neuter ..... I just would like to see what the $$ is in different areas ...

my state / area ( Idaho) - Dog = spay 85$ , neuter 70$ .... cat 40 and 35

other state / my area (Washington) - Dog = spay 55-75 neuter 35-75 ( based on wt)
cat 40 and 35
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Georgia- the lowest I have found is 35 neuter and 45 spay but there is only 1 clinic like this. There are 2-3 more low cost clinics that have prices a little bit higher than this, such as the one I took Jake at which has $45 for neuter and $55 for spay. I don't know about dogs since I don't have any. The Atlanta humane society does neuter $60 and spay for $80.
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At our local humane society, it's $39 for a cat spay, and $25 for a cat neuter. We're so lucky.
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My area has a low cost spay/neuter clinic for cats which one vet runs, volunteering her time, once a month.

$30 gets you the spay/neuter procedure, antibiotics, vaccinations, de-worming, ear cleaning and nail trimming.

Anyone in the area can take advantage of this clinic.

The same organization offers reduce spay or neuter cost coupons, with proof of low income. Most area vets accept these reduced cost coupons.

In spite of this, strays and feral colonies are still a problem. Part of the problem is the two big colleges, kids graduate or flunk out, or leave during vacations, and abandon the cats.

My Jennie girl is one of those.
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It's $25-50 for a cat neuter around here, $35-60 for a spay. Regular prices are 3 or 4 times that.
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Cat spay is $40-45, with neuter about $10 less. I don't know about dogs.
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$90 for neuter & $100 for spay
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$130 for spay and used to be $86 for a Neuter.
I pay more because I want the tests and ivs for my cats.
Sasha was $230 for a lapo spay.
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Sometimes free clinics are ran with the help of VCA.
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In Ontario, Canada, it's about $40-$50 for a cat, spays being more expensive, and about $70+ for a dog depending on weight. Regular price is around $200 for a cat, I have no idea how much for a dog.

In Cebu, Philippines, a spay for a cat is $40 regular and low cost is $14 but you add $7 if it's a late term abortion. Neuters are $12.
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Our local Low/No Cost spay/neuter clinic charges what a person can afford. They will charge nothing for someone that can prove their hardship.

I sent my neighbor's daughter up there a few weeks back to have her cat spayed. I believe they charged her $50, which is on the high end for their services. But the daughter lives rent free at home and has a job, and she was glad to find it for that price.
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No such thing exists in my area. My vet charges roughly $120 male or female once everything else is added in (pain meds, tests, etc). They do however allow those who truly need help to schedule payments.

There's a "rescue group" that is trying to arrange to get a shelter built, but they're doing too little. Their focus is mainly on dogs. I used to attend a few of their meetings but was rather appalled that none of them saw the need to help organize the community now for low cost spay and neuters, TNR for feral cats, or promoting pet health to the community in any way. The vets at the meeting protested loudly against offering their services for free or extremely lowered fees (my vet wasn't there). So unfortunately I do not predict this happening any time soon in my area due to current attitudes about helping those who have little money.
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Low cost male $70, female $120. I have no idea what they charge for dogs.
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No such thing in my area.... but my vet is well priced.

Neuter is $60. No idea on the spay.
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I live in upstate New York, and I've only found 1 program nearby; they charge $50 spay, $30 neuter, but they require that you pay for basic shots also, and they are $10. However, there is a program through the veterinary division at a local college that will do it for free, to give the students some hands-on experience. Personally, I'm iffy about that but it's one heck of a deal if you don't mind your cat being cared for by newbies.
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We're fortunate to have a number of low cost spay/neuter options here. The most reasonable is at a non-profit spay/neuter clinic which opened several years ago. Cat spay/neuter is $35. Dog spay $75 and neuter $65. Other services, such as vaccinations, FeLV/FIV testing, flea treatment, are also available at reasonable cost. Even better is that the clinic accepts vouchers from several of the cat rescue groups/shelters (not sure about the dogs), which brings the cost down even more.
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Northern Cincinnati area.

Well Ginger and Pepper cost me $5 to spay a piece that was with the stray/feral group.

Jack was $26 for the neuter and at his vet the spays are about $65 I think--they are low cost. Very reasonable around here--makes me want to vomit when I see the number of kittens on craigslist.

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My vet charges 130$ plus add. for meds,and shots, but I found a mobile cat unit that will do everything (including shots ) for 77$ but because I got Mulligan from the pound I have a state certificate to have him neutered and it will only cost me 27$....
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Closest low-cost is a 4 hour drive.
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Thanks to the help here I found a traveling low cost clinic about an hour to an hour and a half away that operates two saturdays out of a month and its 53 for a neuter and 63 for a spay and that includes a pain shot for the way home and rabies and distemper vaccine. The regular vet is 170 for the neutering but that doesnt include the 70 for a 1st appt and 60 for a 2nd appt before the surgery. A spay is about 30 more but the same price for the two appts beforehand. Dogs are all done by weight and breed but for Franklin a mini doxie it will cost me close to 300 to get him fixed and thats IF the lady interested in showing him decides not to show him.
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I found a great site for low cost spay/neuter clinics in the US, listed by state.

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We actually have a grant for our county that provides a free spay/neuter service for low-income families through the county shelter. When my friend picked up a stray, they were booked solid, but they told us to call the shelter in the next county over and they performed the services under the same grant. It was pretty awesome. They neutered him, gave him Rabies/Distemper vaccines, dewormed him, tested for FiV/FeLV and microchipped him for free.

Unfortunately, the next time we brought in a stray, that program had a 2 month waiting list, so I had to go through the program at the local no-kill shelter. That was $65 neuter/rabies/distemper combo.
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Washington State

all my barn cats got done at NOAH in Stanwood for free. NOAH has a special program and will do ferals/barncats for free as well as lowcost spay/nueter for housecats.

there price for the typical domestic cat from their site:

Cat Neuter: $25 * SEE CAT S/N Special...below!
Cat Spay: $30

Feral Cats: FREE
Dog Spay/Neuter: $55
their special it looks like are two s/n for the price of one for low income pet owners.

also prices for vaccines:

Rabies Vaccination $15
Distemper Combo Vaccine $15
Feline Leukemia Test $15
Feline Leukemia Vaccination $15
Frontline Flea Treatment $15
Microchip (registered) $20
Tapeworm treatment - prices vary
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the low cost spay and neuter clinic in the city was $85 for a spay, our vet charges $160
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Originally Posted by Dusty's Mom View Post
I found a great site for low cost spay/neuter clinics in the US, listed by state.

That's a useful link. Thanks for posting it! I was very surprised to find that the organization in my area I talked about is not on the list for my state. I tried clicking on the "email us" link to tell them, but it didn't work.
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The closest low-cost place (with no residency/income requirements) is a 3 1/2 hour drive from here....but I used them once and am trying to get another appointment soon. I took 7 feral cats last time and this time I'll have at least 9, and even with driving time and gas money it's still worth it when there are that many to get done. They charge $25 for any animal (and will do potbelly pigs, rats, rabbits, etc. not just cats and dogs), and that includes spay/neuter, FeLV/FIV testing (heartworm testing for dogs), all shots, and "anything else we can do to make the animal more comfortable".

There's a local program to cover the cost for low-income people, but of course you need to be on welfare to qualify. Preference given to cats and Labs/pit bulls.

There's a local vet clinic that has a "cat nip" day once a year, and they'll do cat neuters (just neuters, nothing else) for $15 on that day, no appointments, just drop him off in the morning and they line 'em up and nip 'em. I think they also do cat spays on the "cat nip" day but I don't know how much they charge for them.
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There are none near me on that list.
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Originally Posted by mews2much View Post
There are none near me on that list.
I thought you were in the Fresno area. If so, check here:


If this doesn't work for you, google your town and "low cost spay neuter" and see what comes up.
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Tampa, FL. The one I went to charge $40(or $10 if you're on public assistance).

They offer other programs such as shots, microchip, exams, also packages that consists of several shots, surgery, exams etc.
The cost ranges between $28 ~$95. I think they are very reasonable.
I used to get flea treatments(Revolution) from there, too.

Unfortunately, I don't know anything like that here in Hawaii except for the local Humane Society, http://www.hawaiianhumane.org/
They'll issue a certificate for neuter/spay that you can bring to participated vets in the area. Costs $40 for male, $50 for female. Other than this, check-ups or exams, you'd still have to go to a regular vet
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Before I got married, I lived in a rural part of Alabama, and I never paid more than $85 for cat spaying and $55 for cat neutering.

Then I moved to Tennessee. HUGE difference.
I paid $130 to get a 5 month old tom kitten neutered. !!! that's after I opted out of getting the IV, for an extra $30. The tech up front said it was such a quick procedure, he really wouldn't need it. If I had gotten the females done at the same place, i would have spent over $200 EACH!

I called the humane society, but they don't even have a real shelter in this area (clarksville) but they did direct me to a site for low cost clinics. I ended up getting an appointment for the two girls but the downfall is that the clinic is on the other side of nashville, an hour and a half drive for me.

But we went, and I'm very glad! Both girls are spayed, had a general checkup, FelV tests, deworming, ear cleaning, claw trimming, and flea treament, plus 4 days worth of pain meds for both girls, and total was only $195! That qualifies as low cost in this area.
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