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It's arrived! Rescue Remedy

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As a lot of you know, I've been meaning to order Rescue Remedy to try with my cats who suffer from anxiety. Charlie has seperation anxiety, Cleo has "pissy girl syndrome" and Ramsey...well, Ramsey is just C-razy.

My bottle of RR arrived today and I'm so excited! I've already dosed everybody with 4 drops each, but am wondering how long its effects will last? Is this something that should last all day or should I wait to dose Charlie right before I leave and Ramsey in the evening when he's at his devilish-est? Cleo is already on medication for hers and I figured I could use this as a supplement when she's having a really bad time. Any ideas on how I should use this stuff?

By the way, Charlie LOVES it. He was sitting in my lap when I opened the bottle (to see if it smelled like flowers, duh). When I pulled out the dropper, he sniffed it and then started rubbing his gums on it.
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Out of curiousity could someone explain to me in detail I guess what Rescue Remedy and Feliaway and whats the difference between the two Ive heard some about these two products but Im quite curious as to what they are and do!?!?!
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Rescue Remedy is a tincture of certain herbs and flowers that are known to have calming, relaxing and soothing effects.

Rescue Remedy can be given in food or water, or simply rubbed on kitty's face and ears.

Feliway is a synthetic pheromone. Cats use their own pheromones to mark. When they rub their faces, and scratch things with their claws they are putting their pheromones on the object or person, thus claiming (or marking) it, and making themselves feel more at home in their environment.

Feliway plug in diffusers release cat pheromones into the atmosphere, which helps most cats feel more secure and less territorial. It is not meant for ingestion, or to put directly on Kitty.

I think both products are terrific. I especially love Feliway plug in diffusers.

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So far it's working very well. I'm giving it on an as needed basis and it seems to help calm Ramsey down dramatically. He used to be obsessive about playing chase and fighting with his siblings, but he's gotten to where he'll stop doing that if you call his name and redirect his attention.

I think that between this and his training, he's well on his way to being a well adjusted baby.
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