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Contacting former "owners"

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OK, so, I got my cat Riot from a shelter in my home town. Well, she was actually being fostered by the people who found her, and they seemed really nice when I spoke with them and picked her up. I have sold and given away animals before, and I know that I would always love to know how they are doing even though people rarely stay in contact with me after they've gotten one of my critters.
Well, I wanted to email these people that I got her from and show them some updated photos of her and tell them how well she is doing and thank them for rescuing her, that sort of thing.
I looked online to try to find their contact info, and luckily their ad with Riot is still on the site. However, all it has is a phone number, and I was hoping I could find an email adress.
Soooo....Should I like, call them or should I just forget about it? I am going to google their # and see if I can find their email (from a myspace or something maybe), but otherwise....what should I do?
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I think leave them alone. If you try searching them out, they might get creeped out. Maybe you can send the pictures and info to the shelter, and they can pass it along to them?
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If they asked you to keep in touch then fine, if they didn't I would leave it be.
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I wouldn't call them or bug them either. When I adopt my kitties out, I let the new owners know that I love updates, and give my details but don't push it.

If I hadn't given out my details, I'd be weirded out if someone contacted me...
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Originally Posted by clixpix View Post
Maybe you can send the pictures and info to the shelter, and they can pass it along to them?
That is the only thing I think you should try, if you really want to do something. they probably would have said if they wanted any future contact when you got the kitty.
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I occasionally send photos or news back my horses' breeder because she has a vested interest in her future. I would NEVER contact the people that gave us our dog, mostly because I think they abused her :S.

I don't think you should do it.
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If you were NOT given contact info at the adoption pt ... PLEASE do not try to contact them... When I gave up a dog back to the shelter I gave my info but many do not
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