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I got a "panter!"

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So today was very humid and Berlin and "newbie" were running around and playing.Next thing I hear a "dog" panting! Haha...upon investigation,I realized Berlin was panting just like a dog!

Does anyone else's cats pant?

This is the only picture I got of her panting!
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If my power goes out, you'll find my girls lying by the door or window panting.
It gets dangerously hot here, so thankfully all power outages have lasted less than 30 minutes.
Frankly I don't know how the ferals around here survive the heat, but they do, even harder to believe that my Baby Cat lived amongst them just last summer.
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Ramsey pants, but only does so when he plays with his laser toy. I have to restrict him to under five minutes or we have a panting episode.
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Pretty kitty!

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I've seen cats pant on occasion, too. Like with dogs, it's how they "sweat".

Berlin is very beautiful!
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Blossom panted a lot in her 1st summer. Haven't seen her do it in the next summer. Will have to wait & see if she does this year.
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Amadeus some times does that once he's been chasing the girls around the place. I just thought he had an inane grin on his face because they'd got the better of him again.

Now you mention it he must be panting. Aww bless!!!
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Smudge used to pant when he would play hard as a kitten. He still plays pretty hard, but I don't see him panting anymore.
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Marmalade pants sometimes when she plays hard.
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your cat looks like my widget....especially the facial markings.....
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First of all, much clown love to ya, 709Juggalette. Nice to see a fellow 'lette.

Secondly, All my cats pant, but each in a different situation. The kittens do it when they've been playing hard, Loudmouth does it as part of her "lemme out lemme out lemmeOUT!" routine, and Prissy does it when she comes in from being outside.
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I think panting kitties is cute and funny looking.
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Midnight doesn't really pant, but Maui would pant after playing with her and getting her really tuckered out. Also, she pants in the car, even though the airs on.
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