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Just want to cover everything...

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I'm going on holiday in September for about two weeks to attend and be in my best friend's wedding. I do not trust the locum vet in my town at the moment and it doesn't seem like they're going to go any time soon. There's no permanent vet in my town and there is only one surgery. The boarding kennel is an abysmal joke. I haven't seen it but the stories that I have heard are enough to make me not even visit the kennel. I've heard of owners getting their pets back, covered in fleas, kennel cough, ticks, worms....list goes on....

So in all wisdom and after persuasion from my other half we have arranged for a pet sitter. And I say pets because we have fish and sea-monkeys as well.

I just want to make sure I've got everything covered. Yes I know it's only June, but I have never left my pets in the care of someone that I do not know very well. I know she has a cat of her own and adores cats so she will be able to cope with any problems. I will be leaving her my contact number as well as my other half's, along with the vet's.

Food - Will buy more than enough for the period.

Water - Mention that it needs to be changed daily.

Feeding schedule - Cats need to be fed twice a day, morning and evening. Fish need to be fed once a day, in the evening.

Litter - Will buy more than ample supply. And it needs to be changed every four days, with solid wastes removed daily.

There shouldn't be any need to do any worming or flea treatments but I will be providing treatments in case there is a need to and labelling which treatment is for which cat.

Vet visit - Will be leaving a sum of money behind, just in case someone decides to get up to some serious mischief or gets ill.

Grooming - Once a week. Though I won't expect her to trim their claws, just a brush of their fur.

Behavior - Will be putting together a reference to each cat's personality and a basic list of what to do if something goes awry, like innappropriate peeing, scratching.

And strict instructions that the cats are to remain indoors only.

That's all I have at the moment. I want your honest opinion on the list and whether there is anything to add or maybe something I should leave out. I have to admit that at the moment, I feel like I'm cotton balling my pets or like an over-the-top owner. (I haven't mentioned the fish side of things or even my sea-monkey colony )
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I would feel safer leaving money with the vet.

Have the sitter come over a couple of times a week so the kitties know and somewhat trust her. This will see if the sitter and the kitties will get along.

Make sure to leave numbers that you can be reached at next to the phone.

Make sure to leave a shirt that you worked out in, unwashed for the kitties to snuggle and feel that you are near.

Seems you have covered mostly everything.
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You play it like I do Mags. I cover all the bases when I leave with the person who takes care of my critters. I always ask them to come before hand about two weeks, so the cats and the horses can get used to them first. I leave long detailed (neurotic) instructions. I had one lady tell me I was nuts to think she would give medicine to my horse! She didn't get the job.

Cover all the bases so that nothing is left to chance, that is my motto.
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Don't forget to leave the tel# of the VET.
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I usually leave a "Missing Cat - Reward" poster with a picture of JC, a good description, (cell) phone numbers of family, friends and neighbors, tattoo number, etc., and a note saying where it is filed on my computer so that copies can be printed and posted immediately, just in case JC should get out and become lost.
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Looks like what I leave the pet sitter..lol. I would also contact your veterinarian and see if they will require a note giving the pet sitter the okay to treat them. You can also find out if it would be possible to just bill you if something happens, that way there's no worry on cost at the time.
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Phew! So I'm not the only neurotic one.

Teresa and Mary Anne. Will be getting the pet sitter to come over a couple of weeks before we leave to show her around and where everything is kept. I'll be handing over a copy of the list of things to do to her then for her to read over. And I will make sure that she's okay with pilling a cat.

I'll be leaving an old blanket and a few old jumpers that we'll sleep on for about a week behind around the place so that it seems like we're still near.

And about the vet, I'm going to wait a month before contacting them. By that time I should be able to get hold of the most current locum, (probably the same guy now ) and arrange things with the staff there about money. I didn't even think of leaving money at the vet's.

jcat I'll be making up those posters tonight and be leaving the most current photos of my furbabies behind too. Aww heck, I'm taking my laptop, so that means rearranging the network so my other half's pc can use the printer. He never wants to print anything. Hmmm...I think I'll just surprise him.
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