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How are you advising me WellingtonCats to do then?

They are seling me the front one . . . in a way it is cute but I am woried of the brown stuff around his eyes. What you think that it could be?
Sorry for the late reply. Just to clarify are you unsure whether the breeder is registered or not? If you are unclear, give them a miss.

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Why would you WANT to still buy one when they are probably are Persian mix. I would say that the kitten has an eye infection or upper respiratory infection?

I thought you were passing on them.
You'd hate to visit my house then because you'd see lots of "eye infections" - they just look like normal Persian eyes to me.

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Hi there - In this subject, I advise you to listen to Sam (wellingtoncats) - she is a Persian Expert, has been breeding for many years, is a judge, etc etc. If she says the kitties ARE Persians, IMO, they ARE... You can PM her if you feel more comfortable...
I personally do not see anything wrong with the eyes, but I might be wrong - as she said, white persians have very hard to keep clean eyes...
Anyways.... PM Sam... Just my 2 cents, for what is worth...
Like her, I too feel they look happy, healthy and well taken care of...
Good luck!
Are the kittens registered?
Thanks Carolina. I haven't heard anything from the OP but I'm always willing to give my opinion. They look happy and healthy to me.

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white persians' eyes are a whole different ball game...

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Bleeding does not have to mean blood, so use of the word is quite correct.

Perhaps Sam could give you (or your friend) some tips on keeping the white kitties eyes clean. I think there are products you can buy.
I'm happy to help with products!

PM me if you need any help.