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Question of the day Monday, August 24th

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Hello Dearest TCS Fellas

It is known that the new generations are taller than the older ones... shall we put that to proof?

  • How Tall are you?
  • and Are you and your siblings taller than your mom and dad (before they started shrinking )?

I am 5' 6.5", and the shortest of my siblings - all of us all taller than mom and dad!

What about you?
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I am 5'6" and not taller than either of my parents...I don't think so anyway. Maybe the same height but not taller.
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I'm 5'1". We must all take after our Mum in height because my sisters the same as well.
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I'm 5'3.5", taller than my 5'2" mom, and my 13yr old daughter is now 5'7" and I have no doubt that my youngest daughter will be taller than me too
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My sister and I are both 5'6". Mom is 5'6.5" and our dad is 5'9".
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I'm 5' 2" and taller than my mom. My dad was only 5' 8" so we were all rather little. My daughter is 5' 11" and wears size 13 shoes - it's pretty obvious she takes after her dad who is 6' even also wears size 13 shoes only his are in EEE.
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None of us are very tall, except my youngest brother, who towers over all of us at 5'11". But my sister is only 5'0", and my other brother and myself and our parents are around 5'4". So we average out around the same. My parents have shrunk though, as they get older (now 95!)

But it is true that generationally in most populations, people are taller than they were a couple of hundred years ago. Better food is probably the reason for this evolution, though it is interesting to wonder about how we will change physically and mentally as occupations and lifestyle change and become less strenuous. It depends on what becomes the ideal standard of attractiveness, and what kind of person is most likely to breed and pass their genes on.
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I was last time I checked 5' 4" which makes me 2 inches taller then my mother and 5" shorter then my dad.
As for my brothers and sisters I am taller then both of my sisters and my brother is about 3" taller then me.
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Let's see... I'm about 5'9". Mom was 5'7" and Dad 6'.

Dad towered over his parents who were under 5' 4".

Mom averaged out as her Dad was 6'3" and her Mom was 4'11 1/2". (Must include that half inch. )

My niece is 5'5" and her husband is about 5'9". Their daughter is 5'2" and son is 6' and still growing.

Baby aunt is 5'11" and her hubby is 6' - their son is 6'8".

We are quite the eclectic mix when we get together.
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I'm 5'2". my mom was 5' before she started shrinking, my grandmother was 4'10"
My dad was 5'7", all of my siblings are taller, and all of their kids are taller still.
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I'm 5' 3.5". I am about an inch or two taller than my mom, and 3-4 inches taller than my sister. My dad is taller than I am. He was between 5' 10" and 6' when he was younger, but he is probably closer to 5' 6-8" or so now.
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I'm 5'3.5" and the same as my mom. My dad is 5'10" and my brother is 5'11", so we actually even out more or less accross the family. I don't know that we're getting any taller. For the most part, the kids in our family tend to top out within a few inches of their parents.

I have one cousin who's 6'1", but her dad is 6'6", so that's not terribly suprising.
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I was 5"1 before I shrunk, now I'm 4"9 and I'm taller than my Mom.
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I'm right at 6'. My dad is 6'4" (tallish) and my mom is 5'4" (average).
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I´m the 2 of 4 brothers....YES I´m the most taller than they.....
-Mexican size 1:73 mts....
-Of course more tall than Dad & "Meowmy"...

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very interesting question!

I am 5'6" and a half and my sister is almost 5'9". My mom is 5'4" , her parents were 5'2" (mom) and 5'10" ish (dad) and my dad 6'2" (don't know about his parents) i also have a half brother on my dad's side that is 6'6"
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I'm 5'7", the tallest among us kids. And taller than my grandfather.

But nowhere near as tall as my cousins, who were 6'3" and 6'5". But their mother was a good deal taller than their father. (They got married right out of high school, and he went in the Army. She grew while he was gone. He always claims he came back on leave after being gone a year, and he was looking right into her belly button!)

It has been amply shown that better nutrition (more protein, especially) results in a general height increase.
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My parents, in their prime, were 5'6" (Mum) and 5'11" (Dad)
My brother is 5'10", I'm 5'7".

So we're pretty much the same as our parents.
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I'm 5'11". Well 5/ 11 3/4", but I refuse to say I'm 6' tall, so we're going with 5'11", .

My brother is 6'6".

And no, neither of us play basketball/volleyball/etc.! Too clumsy, .

My dad is 6' and my mom was 5'10", probably around 5'8" now. (She has Parkinson's, so early shrinkage.)

All of my family is fairly tall. At least 5'7" for females, at least 5'11" for males. But I believe both and I and my brother hold the height record for both sexes, so I suppose we are a vote for height evolving up!
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Lets see, Mama was 4'10, Daddy 5'4 although he claimed an extra two inches of height.
I'm almost 5'2", as is my youngest daughter. My oldest is 5'7", the middle barely 5'.
The three oldest grand daughters at 12, 15 and 16 are all as tall or taller than me, while the two youngest are very petite for 8 year olds.
Only one of the boys looks like he may be tall, the 12 year old is smaller than either of the 2 10 year old boys!
Yes, my daughters stayed pregnant at the same time for a few years, resulting in three sets of "twin cousins", lol.
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I'm about 5'7"...about the same height as both my parents. My sister is 5'4", and both brothers are over 6'.
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I am 6'3", but only about 2 inches taller than my dad was. He was 6'1"
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I am 5' 8" My Mom was 5"6' my Dad was 5' 11. My brother is 5' 10" one sister is 5'6" my other sister is 5' 4" . My Dad's parents Grandpa was 6' Grandma was 4'10
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i'm 6'1" i'm the second tallest in my imediate family. My brother is 6'2" but the tallest person in my family in 6'8"

We are vertical mutants
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I am 5'8, sis is about 1.5 taller.Mom is 5'4, if she is on her tip toes and Dad is almost 6'. I guess our family follows the rules
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I'm 5'9. My mum is 5'9 and dad 5'10.

We are a mix of taller, shorter and same height as parents.
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I'm 4'11.5" and still the shortest one in my family and the shortest out of all of my friends.My mom's a good bit taller than me. Even my nieces/nephews are taller than me

This is just an aside for those who are blessed with height......short people do not like it when you think they make good arm rests .....just saying.....
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I'm about 5'3'' and I think I'm the same height as my dad and I was taller than my mom. I'm number 5 of 6 kids and I'm the tallest girl and just an inch or so shorter than my brothers.
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Interesting question of the day! I'm agonizing about what to ask Wednesday, lol!

My mom and I are both 5'2.5" (yes, the .5" counts!!!) My sister is around 5'5", and my dad is 5'9"....we're all pretty short! Both of my grandmothers were about 4'11" (but that was in their 80's & 90's.) Never knew either of my grandfathers.

P.S. My mom & my sister wear gunboats for shoes (size 8!) My dad and I are petite footed...he's a 9 and I'm a 5.
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