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Daily Thread Monday August 24th

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Morning peeps

Well we had an action packed weekend for sure. It was awesome! On Friday we went out for dinner with friends and then to their house to watch a movie.

Saturday we got a whole lot of errands done during the day, then went to see a movie at night. (District 9, which was very good). We visited JOsh's grandma too and had dinner with her. She had a day pass from the hospital.

Yesterday we went for a 2.5 hour hike with a friend of mine, then out for lunch at this cute cafe. Then a much needed nap...and Big Brother!

Awesome weekend! And today its going to be warm and sunny!

I hope you all have a good one today!
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Good Morning....

Cool day here, feels like "spring". I really feel ripped off for my summer. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer though.

I'm thinking bout taking my DD up to where my hubby is for the week, not go for the week, but up for a couple days. They have a nice salt water pool up there and she's never stayed at a motel before. Dunno yet, depends if I can get this headache to leave or not.

Have a good day folks.
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Nice day here too, cool but sunny.
I have to work hard to make up for what I spent on the weekend shopping in the US! Looks like a fairly good week ahead.
Have a good day everyone!
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Came to work for a rest. Managed to get the first coat of paint on the rest of the windows and garage door frame and the second coat on a couple of them. Almost done with the painting thank goodness.

Spent Saturday night at Home Depot. We took all the measurements of our kitchen and sat down with a designer, chose a lovely cherry wood for the cupboard doors and will get an estimate later this week. After our visit with her, we went to the mill department and got an estimate to replace all 13 of our windows. We were there until just after closing. Exciting time to be sure. This Friday my new stove, washer and dryer are being delivered so that's my joy this week.
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Morning All!!!

Looks like a nice day in the works here. Sunny but only about 22 which is a good temp.

Not up to much today, just doing a bit of laundry, litter boxes, and some dusting. After that a nice nap I guess.

The kitties are watching for the garbage truck right now, they can hear it but not see it yet from the window. When they see it they will go hide until it goes passed, silly kitties..

Everyone have a great day
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Good Morning. Ahh what a relief that it's a new week. I ran myself to the ground last week with the kmart deals. I saved $230 and many things we won't need for months. I get a week off before the next deal starts.

Saturday my FIL and Step MIL came for a visit. It was a lovely time and we ordered Chinese.

Sunday we hit Target where I priced checked items for their sale in 2 weeks and we got DS a Bumbo chair. He had cereal for the first time. Once he figured out how to eat it, he loved it.

DS slept wonderfully for the first time in a week. He has been teething and VERY cranky. That made last week's shopping difficult.

The cats are MIA so sleeping in their hiding spots. It's a nice day so hopefully DH can take them out tonight.

Today is Mom's birthday so we are ordering Italian take out.

Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
This Friday my new stove, washer and dryer are being delivered so that's my joy this week.
I love new toys!
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It's nice and cool here this morning, I had an awesome sleep because of it so I can safely say I don't miss what little heat we've had so far this summer.

Normal morning for us, DH was up early and fed the cats, but they were more interested in dozing in bed until the alarm went off than eating.

It was a busy weekend for us - help my parents build a deack on Saturday and DH and I took an Ikea trip if I could just win a lottery and replace my kitchen...

Anyway, back to work today, then off to the gym and home.

Have a great day, everyone.
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Shelter day this morning. And we've been having very few adoptions this month, so I'm afraid to see who has taken the big needle to open up some cages. (Although I think some of the workers have taken cats home to foster if they showed the slightest signs of sickness, just to save them for a while.)

I'm going to have to give some thought to why the adoptions are so low.

Edit: A very sweet tortie and a pair of black and white kittens are gone. The kittens may be fostered.

One of my favorites, a sweet white guy, is due for neutering, but he has a sore on his right cheek that no would can explain. I WOULD foster him, if it comes down to it. When I open his cage, he puts his paws on my shoulder and climbs out into my arms.
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Working today. I'm going to join some friends that I've been neglecting in the cafeteria for lunch today. After work, I'll head to the gym, then home to feed the kitties. I bought a book at Borders yesterday and I read about half of it last night! I'm sure I'll be reading it once I get home and all settled in for the evening.
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