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Flower is getting bigger...

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So are her scent glands. It will be time soon to take her to the rehab center so they can prepare her for life in the wild. She looooves hard-boiled eggs!
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Flower is totally cute! What a little darling she is! It's excellent, that you're caring for such a diversity of "all our relations."

How did you come to know Flower? What's she like?

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she is so precious!!!! I just want to take her home with me....
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She is really sweet. Getting bigger for sure.
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Flower's mom was killed on the highway and the gal that usually takes the wild ones is full up. She asked me to take some of the overflow, so Flower came here.

What she is like? She is nosey, and stinky and funny. She chirps and chatters and snaps at the flies that congregate around her cage. And yes, I clean her cage 3 times a day, but she is just a stinky baby. She is into everything, the cats investigate her all the time, and she rolls herself up into a little hump with that formidable tail quivering and straight up in the air. LOL

Here is the batch from last year. One thing about feeding them hardboiled eggs, is that Bacardi loves them too!
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I just can't get over how adorable those little babies are! How sad, that Flower lost her mother. But she found a loving foster-mother in you. I've always been partial to mustelids, since taking Darin (Mustela putorious furo) home with me many years ago, so I can just picture how "nosey" Flower is. And I love the "muttering" way mustelids vocalize!

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what a sweetheart she is ! i've always loved skunks ! and what an angel you are for taking care of her

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Oh, she is a darling! How do they keep skunks in the rehab without them stinking things up?
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Ooohhh I just love Flower! What do your cats think of her?
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