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Can anyone suggest

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some really good and scarey GHOST STORY sites. That's what I like to read when I'm really bored.
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The guardian tales site I mentioned last night in another thread and shadowlands. I found shadowlands close to nine years ago and have lurked on the forum there off and on for just as long. ...it used to be busier.
I haven't read anything scary, yet, but than I'm not as easily spooked as some are.

If you look around you may also be able to find state/region investigators sites. Some may even have webcams set up in haunted areas. Many years ago, on a site that's now gone, there was an Oklahoman group that had up some really creepy EVPs.
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Learn more about my folclore....
I hope you like it...
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If you havent read already check out the Ghost of Gettysburg books! They are amazing and imo true stories...I love all those stories and they scared the pants off me but then again Im a sissy girl and cant watch scary movies at night or I have nightmares..LOL!!
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My favorite scary authors are Dean Koontz and Stephen King. IMO Koontz has been better then King lately
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