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Wasp sting!

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Riot and I went for a walk today, and we saw a bunch of wasps in the grass. She of course tried to hunt them, and I would not let her. We moved on to a different area where I did not see any bugs other than dragonflies. However, she still managed to catch a wasp. It stung her on the paw, which is swollen. She keeps licking it, so I'm thinking it would be bad to put anything on it, as she'd surely ingest it. She's not limping, but she does pick it up on occasion. She's hunting a fly in my apartment right now, so she's not acting unusual.
From what I've read I think she'll be ok....I just want some reassurance...
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The bad news is that it will probably be sore for a day or two, unless she's unusually sensitive to them, which can happen.

The good news is that she won't bother any more wasps.

Our Truman apparently got stung by one, although we didn't know about it. But when one got in the house, Wickett (his brother) would chase them, but Truman would shy away, squinting up his eyes.
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