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Cat food with large kibble

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Does anyone know of a cat food with large kibble that HAS to be chewed. We've tried various methods to slow down Stumpy's food intake, but she eats fast without really chewing, so just vomits her food straight back up.

She was just on the cat tree and started making barfing sounds, and barfed while jumping off the cat tree, so we had vomit sprayed all over the couch... Eww.

I think a larger kibble would slow her down.
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Nutro Max Cat is pretty large - that's the only kibble I've ever seen Jamie actually chew. Have you tried putting a couple of ping pong balls in her food bowl along with the kibble? If she has to keep pushing them aside to get to the kibble, it might slow her down.

Hill's has a tartar control kibble which I believe is large, too, but I've never used it.
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Yep, we've elevated the food, put balls in (they batted them out, they're not silly!), large stones, an upside down bowl that they had to eat around. Nothing's worked.

I'll look at the Nutro, thanks. I never thought of tartar control type food - I guess the whole point of it is to make the cat chew the food right? That may be just what she needs.
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I know the Royal Canin Maine Coon formula is large. Its almost like dog food
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Hills Oral T/D are really large, and the Royal Canin oral that i give mine are as well, but not as large as the Hills.
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Felidae has pretty large pieces, although NONE of my cats would eat it???
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T/D and the RC coon are likely the biggest .... Natural choice is designed to have to be bitten at minimum... Max is designed to get stuck on the tooth thus bitten
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RC Siamese 38 is also a larger kibble, and the shape is designed to force chewing and slower eating.
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Ok, I got a small bag of the RC Oral Health to trial. The lady at the pet store who I highly trust (she's helped me numerous times), said that they get a LOT of people with the same problem who trial the Oral Health and stay with it because it works so well.

I just mixed some with their regular food and they girls are picking it out and trying it. It's funny watching them get out one piece at a time and having to chew it thoroughly

that it helps!
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