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Five Cats !!?? OH MY!!

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Earlier I went round to my local farm shop. The farm had a sign saying "Kittens for sale". I asked about them and turned out they were feral and were sleeping in the barn in a cardboard box.

I was immediatly concerned for them. The farmer also showed me another litter of feral kittens sleeping under a tracter (these were even younger maybe even just six weeks old). I asked if I could take two of them home with me but the farmer told me that they were £50 each. Grrr!! The mother was feral and not tame.

I didn't think twice and I gave the farmer my number and told him to phone me a week on Tuesday (when I'll have money) and I told him I'd come and collect two.

Good heavens what have I done, I've already got three !! mm perhaps this is what it is to be an ailurophile

I can't bare the thought of those babys being out in the cold tonight. Sleeping under that dirty old tracter when they could be sharing a bed with me and my three. At least its August and not winter. The farmer did seem to care about them only in some thing of an uninformed way... he was giving them fresh water and food..

I can afford five but five would be my complete and utter limit more than five and I'd begin to go without (not good though I don't mind the odd sacrifice)! I just don't want to sit back and leave them there when I know there is space and love here for them...

Oh my goodness five - I think my family would disown me lol they already say I've got too many with three
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You saved them from a bad life.
Do you plan on keeping all of the?
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Oh I wish I could afford to bring them all home. (I even thought of sneaking out tonight and getting them in a bag and bringing them back!). Though I don't fancy the idea of being chased by an angry scary farmer.

When I've got my money (a week on Tuesday), I think I'm going to buy two but I'll take the two who look the weakest and are the thinnest and look like they need the most care. There was a few scraggy looking ones (who looked like they could do with a good bath, a good feed and a vet check)!

The strong bigger ones (I hope) should be ok outside till he finds them homes.

What an awful way to leave kittens!!! It makes me so mad. If he wasn't charging money for them I'd have just asked if i could take them home and rehome them for him (but alas no.. he wants money).

At least I will get to make a difference to two of them I hope. They were so so beautiful.. it wouldn't have hurt for him to take them into his house would it. (Perhaps he doesnt want to seperate the feral kittens from their mothers which would be a fair point).

My future babys
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Wow, why on earth is he charging, especially so much? Are cats expensive there?
Good for you for giving them a good home
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Not especially. That said Nefertiti cost me £70 off the market and Amadeus and Symphony cost £90 each in the pet shop but those places charge ridiculous amounts to silly people (yep silly people lol).

But people who are selling kittens never really charge more than £30 and the fact they are outside and not exactly "his" is bizaare.

Seems a matter of greed over care to me.. -sigh-. I can't help worrying that one of them is going to end up dead by the time he attracts people keen enough to spend that sort of money on an unvet checked, wild feral kitten.

I just hope they are ok..
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I don't know anyone other than my aunt with her persians who has paid a penny for a cat, lol, so it seems a lot for me! Poor kittens. But at least they are safe in a barn and have food and water. We've had many many barn cats and they've all been fat and jolly catching mice, scaring calves, and getting petted.
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the ones under the tractor arn't safe well they're under a tractor -shivers-. BUt I think they a re "OK" in the most unsafe way..

I have even been thinking of names. There was a beautiful black and white he was quite chunky (I assume he was a boy) and there was a white with a tortie patch on the top of her head and a stripey tail very unusual but she was thin.

Agamemnon and Electra

I think hes charging a stupid price £100 for two cats who have never been indoors. I should try reasoning with him..
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It is actually good that he is not just giving them away so that people have to think about whether they want them. But I doubt that is his motive. I think you should explain that when people buy kittens they usually expect them to be vetchecked, vaccinated and even neutered if old enough. £50 is a lot for a plain unchecked feral kitten.
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It's such a kind thing for you to take in two of these babies, especially the ones that need the most tlc! The price is a little steep. Perhaps you could tell the man that it might be difficult to get rid of the kittens if he charges that much. As has been mentioned, he should charge something to help ensure someone a bit more responsible might be taking them, but who is going to pay that much for an un-vetted semi-feral kitten?

Perhaps you could ask around to all your friends and family to see if anyone could take the kittens. Have you tried contacting any rescues to see if they could help? Tell them you're taking in two, which might make them feel liek they should help you since you obviously care.

I have 5 cats now too (due to taking in semi-feral kittens from outside). It's a handful, but you'll feel really good knowing you essentially saved their lives.
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