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Kitten peeing on our bed

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Hello, I'm hoping someone can give me some advice, so we can keep our kitten as part of our family.

His name is Dexter, and he is almost four months old. He is neutered. About two weeks ago, he started peeing on our bed. He has done it five times now. My husband and I love him, but we can't have this!

We have an older cat, Ashley, who is seven. They seem to get along pretty well, other than Dex annoying her at times.

The only thing I can think is that he is maybe marking the bed as "his", since Ashley used to sleep on it a lot. He doesn't pee anywhere else in the house other than his litter box, which makes me think it's probably not a UTI.

Any advice? How can we get him to stop doing this? We are so frustrated! Sorry if this has been covered, I couldn't find anything like it.

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Congratulations on your new kitty and welcome to TCS!

You may want to take your kitty to the vet to get a urine test just in case.

Other things you can try are Cat Attract litter - http://www.preciouscat.com/attract-litter-p-5.html

Make sure you wash your bedding and mattress if it got that deep with an enzyme cleaner to get all traces of the smell out (just washing it like normal may not be enough).

It's probably worth adding some litter boxes too - maybe have one under the bed, or somewhere in the bedroom until he's going regularly in that, then slowly move it to wherever you want it to be permanently.

You can also get Feliway spray, and spray the bedding where he's peeing with that (or spray a towel with feliway and put the towel on the bed).

We had a problem with one of our cats when she was a kitten that she would get so excited playing in the bedroom, that we assumed she would realise she was busting to pee, but too far from the litter box, so would pee on the bed (like children who are so busy playing they forget to go to the toilet until you remind them!). So we had a litter box upstairs until she was older.
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is he neutered yet?
neutering will probably help if he doesn't have a health issue

I agree with adding litter pans - he may want his own private potty

we have a stray that we've been caring for - he was spraying everything.

I didn't know if neutering him at about ??10?? months (not sure his actual age) - would take care of him marking his territory because he was older when he got neutered - it did.
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I also highly suggest having your vet test his urine to rule out a UTI. We just had a 10 week old kitten at the shelter tested, as uncommon as it is he is the 5th kitten under 6 months this year we've had with a UTI.
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Try a different kind of litter. One of my cats started peeing on my bed when he was a kitten. We used pellets at the time, so I bough another kind of litter and the problem was fixed.
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