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Zoey doesnt like chin scratches

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What an odd cat I have. I'm pretty sure I know the answer to this question but I just thought I'd share to see if anyone else has some input or similar stories.

So yeah, every cat I've ever had and every cat I have ever TOUCHED LOVES chin scratches.. they lift their chin up and accept it lovingly while purring up a storm.

Zoey on the other hand, couldnt care less The only time she likes it at all is when I get home from work, or when I wake up in the morning, or when I feed her. She rubs against my legs and hands. This is the only time I can really get attention and love from her. The rest of the time she just wants to play, and bite my hands. I have been working on this problem however. I have spoken to an animal communicator, and I have her on Flower Essences. She is getting much better! When I first brought her home I couldnt even PET her without her trying to go for my hands. She is not malicious or mean in any way.. I believe this is how she was brought up. Raised around kids that most likely tortured her. These are the people that surrendered her at the shelter because "she bit the kids" She even requested she be put down. UNBELIEVABLE!!

Zoey is just playing. She loves to play, she just doesnt realize that hands are not play toys. No one ever taught her. Sad. Instead "oh lets just give her away". She is such a sweet cat with such an entertaining personality. Always has to be where mommy is.. loves to chat with me and loves to play fetch with her mouse. She always sleeps with me and greets me as soon as I come in. I just cant believe someone would give away and request a healthy, loving, beautiful cat be put to sleep.

So.. I wonder if as she gets older she will like chin scratches more? Maybe no one ever scratched her chin so she has no idea what I'm trying to do She's 14 months old.
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Bless you for taking her into your home and heart!

She may never become a "lap cat", but with time and trust, she should open up more. Best of luck, and blow a kiss at her for me!
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Thank you

She actually does jump in my lap occasionally.. but either tries to bite my hands while I'm typing on the computer or she doesnt stay very long.

Recently she actually started displaying love when I LEAVE the house. Which is insane, because she only gives me love at those 3 times I stated. A few times recently when I go to leave, as soon as I grab my keys, she bolts to the door and either stands in front of it and meows while rubbing my legs, or she plops down right in front of the door as to say "you're not leaving" LOL. I was literally beside myself the first couple of times she did this. Definately an improvement.

I recommend Flower Essences to anyone who's cat has behaviour problems!!! I think it has made a great difference.
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What flower essences are you using? Just curious.
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A lot actually.. I think the communicator mixed up too many, but it seems to be helping so I'm not complaining.

Rescue Remedy
Chestnut Bud
Oregon Grape
Poison Oak
Tiger Lilly
White Chestnut

The only one I think she really doesnt need is Mimulus because she is not scared or shy of anything.
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very interesting! I think my cat Molly could benefit from some of those flower essences. She really skimps in the love department. Unless, of course its feeding time!

by the way, Zoey is a very beautiful kitty!
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Mischief's that way. Mischief doesn't like to be held, will not lay on anyone's lap, and forget about petting her for long periods of time. The only time she is extremely affectionate is actually when I get out of the shower and I haven't blown dried my hair. I don't understand it but she just loves to jump on my shoulders and drape herself across them and purrs and purrs. She's a little strange.

But its ok, Mischief hangs with me, and that's why I love Mischief. She sits by my side and meows her thousand tones. She's a delight.
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Originally posted by MollysMama
very interesting! I think my cat Molly could benefit from some of those flower essences. She really skimps in the love department. Unless, of course its feeding time!

by the way, Zoey is a very beautiful kitty!
Thank you and Zoey says thanks too

Here's a link if you want to read about the flower essences.
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How did you find out about them? Are there any websites I could investigate to find out more about which ones to use for which needs? Tillie is still a little high strung once in a while and HATES being picked up.
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LOL!!! Now THAT was a case of ESP if ever I saw one!!!
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Originally posted by Xastion
But its ok, Mischief hangs with me, and that's why I love Mischief. She sits by my side and meows her thousand tones. She's a delight.
That's how I feel about Zoey

That shower thing is SOOO cute btw
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Originally posted by Mom of 10 Cats
LOL!!! Now THAT was a case of ESP if ever I saw one!!!
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i use rock rose on bobbie for courage
crab apple now for zooey's UTI... it's supposed to cleanse
and rescue remedy when they have to go to the vet...

have you seen this site?

it tells you how you can mix your own for your self with a remedy finder....

i read on the bach essences site that you should only mix up to four at a time....

maybe it's different for cats


our zooey loves chin rubs, but ONLY when she wants one.
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Awesome! Yeah you can even rub some in your hands and run it over your cat before you go to the vet or if they get aggressive. I have not tried that yet with Zoey as she is not THAT bad but I hear it works on contact!
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My Cooper used to bite and be very unfriendly - most of the time....

since we've got Jack - she is sooooo loving!

Jack is a natural snuggle kitty/sleeps with me(NOT NICK!!)

Cooper is learning.... she will jump on the bed with me, but NEVER under the covers...

But since Jack.... she never bites! (Unless we're playing rough, and I really piss her off, then she just nips and runs away!!!)

Maybe you need a little brother for Zoey!??!?!

btw - Cooper LOVES!!!!!!!!!!!!! her head/eyes/chin rubbed!!!!!!
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The animal communicator actually suggested I get a buddy for Zoey. I just cant though.. I live in an apartment, and my landlord charges a pet deposit of $500 for each pet. I am still paying off Zoey's deposit.. and I just cant afford to care for two cats right now.
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a pet deposit???

never heard that before...

your Zoey is so cute, I love grey kitties!

with the biting, when she gets your hands do you quickly move it away? if you do, try this to discourage the behavior, say a firm no, and don't move your hand,just lie still, let her stop the bite, (assuming she is not piercing skin), then resume play again, and when she bites again, say the no and do the same thing time she will get that the bite stops the play and will hopefully stop doing it....

about the chin rubs, some like it rough, some like it very gentle, My piper loves it rough, but my Roxy won't have it rough, howver if you gently rub under her chin kinda in circles, she is in heaven, purring!
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I am lucky to even be able to have a cat. For the last 3 years I lived here no pets were allowed. Just recently they changed the rules and I was ecstatic.. and more than happy to pay the refundable deposit.

Zoey doesnt care when I yell at her or tell her NO. It just eggs her on. She's insane lol. I have been gently grabbing the scruff of her neck when she bites me and firmly saying "Zoey! No biting!". As soon as I let go of her she stops.

She has never peirced my skin or made me bleed.
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A $500 pet deposit! Where do you live, New York City? That's outrageous! I hate to see what your rent is. And if they are charging you more for the pet deposit then rent then...grrr...I hate that land lords have that power, but its their right.

It's $100 pet deposit here. Right in my price range. heh.

Anita, pet deposits are for apartments to cover any damage that the pet may do to the apartment during their stay. Most of the time it is entirely non-refundable even if the pet never did a thing to the apartment. Niko and Mischief though have well earned their $100 a piece in damages. hehe.
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I live in California. It's a one time fee and refundable when I move out. I highly doubt Zoey will cause one dime of damage. : I pay $950 a month rent for a one bedroom apartment.

Welcome to California.
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*grynz* Ah, but there are the benefits.

Seattle area is around that expensive as well. But hey, I found low income housing that accepted me as a student (which was amazing since usually students don't qualify for low income anything even tho most of us aren't that rich heh) and have two roomies which really really lowers the rent. I pay $250 less then what I did when I only had the one roomie.

There's that lady on the internet who is using the internet to pay for her credit card bills. Maybe you need a 'Help Zoey Get a Companion Fund'!
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HAHA! No I could never stoop that low..
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*in shock* 950?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? HOLY MOTHER.... Why don't you come up here to Winnipeg hun? 350 for a 1 Rm, NO pet deposit, and everything included (utilities wise).

*grumbles in shock...*
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Well I bring home $2200 a month... and that's a standard pay around here. You must make less money in Canada.

Actually, most 1 bedroom apartments around here go for $1000 and up.

I have a garage, a pool, a patio, laundry, they pay for the water and the cable, and I live 5 min from work. I really cant beat it.
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Zoey is a beautiful cat. I'm so glad you rescued her. Max is very affectionate. I have to scratch him under the chin when we get into bed, or it will take him a while to settle down. He loves chin scratches. But each cat is different. It sounds like Zoey has really enriched your life, as Max has done mine.

Max has a bit of a biting problem too. It was worse when he was Zoey's age. He is now three and only does it once in a while. When he bit a would gently say no and give him a toy. I would stop playing with him. He finally got it that I would stop playing with him if he bit.
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That's great Nora.. gives me some hope
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With my Ophelia, it took her a long time for her to warm up to loves at all. She was a feral kitten who we got out from between the walls of our apartment building at about 6 weeks old, so she had a pretty traumatic start to her life. She would sleep with us, and play, but petting wasn't a strong point. Then she decided she is Daddy's girl, so then HE could pet her, but only when she demanded it. LOL Every once in a while she would just all of a sudden surprise me and want pets from me, and allow me some progress on a daily basis. Now at 3 years old, I can pet her almost any time and she actually enjoys it. There is hope!
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