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If I upset anyone I am sorry.
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LOL Sherral, I don't mind hun! I think it's funny!

Please don't apoligise sweetie-pie, I'm sure nobody minds

Love Sam {{{HUGS}}}!
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Originally posted by sherral46
If I upset anyone I am sorry.
No way!! This thread is great! You are hilarious and a good sport!!
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I told ya Sheral you offended nobody( that's us 2 u ) Just Kidding Just Kidding

Love Sam
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kimward34 what are you doing up at 4:30?
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Thanks everyone!
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Outside: (I throw in the tan for free!)
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At that time last night, I was in bed watching tv about to fall asleep...I am usually not on here in the evenings unless my husband is gone....
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No one is mad at you, this was a great thread! And you are a good sport to keep in there even when you thought people were mad at you- which we weren't! I hope you didn't get your feelings hurt, we used to do this type of stuff a long time ago and it just made the commmunity closer is all. Think of it as a short hop to de-stressing in your day!
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Nope my feeling were't hurt,it was fun! we have to do stuff like it again! Like I said to much bad has happen lately, I myself need the laugh's Ted thought I was nut's in here laughing my head off!!!!!
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Just had to but in here and tell everyone that Mountain Dew is really Alien Pee
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I was ready to grab for some oxygen last night. What a riot!
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Deb25 And did't you feel good after? I know I did,slept better too!!!
Ick.. Alien Pee!!!!!!
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How do they get it from the aliens, though?

Yes, that was a riot last night, loved it, we must do something silly like that again!!
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:martian: :martian: :martian: It's top secret government classified information
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Ya know, on second thought, I don't think I WANT to know! I'll leave that for Scully and Mulder.
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I think it's harvested from a secret location in Roswell
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Icky Icky! Alien Pee BUT If that's what you guys drink
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The truth is out there- way out there!
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How True!
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