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Daily Thread: Sun. Aug. 23

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Mornin folks.

Another cloudy, dreary day here.

I really don't like Sundays much. I used to not like Mondays, but once hubby started going away, Sundays became my least fav day.

I got woke up early because DH "zzzzzz'd" the kitties cuz one was digging in my clothes Needless to say, I wasn't too happy with DH on that one. It wasn't the cats that woke me, it was him.

So good morning, hope ya'll are having a better start than I have
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Morning. Cloudy here today. We're going out to breakfast and then I suppose we'll be going to Church.
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Got the morning caffeine being injected right now while I try to slowly wake up (why can't you just IV it into your arm in the morning?). I'm sitting at my computer desk with Oscar in my lap, Muddy and Pinky on the desk waiting for Oscar to leave my lap so they can jump into it, and 3 dogs at my feet. 4 more cats are hovering close by.

It might have to be a "snuggle with furry kids" day.
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Morning All!!

Rainy and cool here this morning as well. Made the mistake of not closing the living room window overnight and am really stiff and sore because of it this morning.
Closed it awhile ago and turned the heat up a tiny bit to see if that will help.

Not up to much today, tired from all the activity yesterday so it's going to be a very lazy day for me.
A couple of movies and a nap later on sounds about right.

The kitties are all in on my bed napping already..lazy bunch that they are.

Everyone have a great day
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Morning people! Wow I am so exhausted after a week of kmart then company yesterday. My eyes are so dried out from allergies too.

The kitties are somewhere. It's Sunday so they find a nice quiet place to hide for most of the day.

Today we are running to Babies R Us for a few things. Hopefully today DS will start cereal

It's cloudy with the threat of storms all day. Hopefully this heat will break soon.
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