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Little Black Scabs - Help Please!!

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Hey there,
I'm coming to you guys today because of an issue I just noticed. Let me give you a little background info first.

My little patient is named Louie. He is a black & white long hair that is roughly 13 weeks old. I got him 3 weeks ago from my parents barn.. I feel in love with him because of his loving nature. He is the runt of his litter, and I figured I could give him a cozy life. I also have a 10 year old named Diamond, who I felt was getting very lonely in my apartment (she's used to having play mates)

So the issue is, I have recently discovered what looks like very thick scabs on my little guy's skin. I found the first one on the stretch of skin between his tummy and hind leg. It's only about 2cm X 2cm big. I figured it was just dry skin and it would go away. (He has been eating like a mad man, and slowly gaining weight, so I figured it was just the wet food I'm giving him)
Well just tonight, I found another one on his front leg. about half way up, and the same size..

I am not sure if this is something that will just pass, or if I should take him in tomorrow? I have found a vet that does all first time examinations for free and is highly recommended, but he's a bit of a ways away.

Other than the scabs, he's happy, healthy and obnoxious as hell

Any advice??
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Hi!! Congratulations! he sounds beautiful. I have a soft spot for black and white cats and also long haired so it sounds like you got a stunner there !!

Now my little motto is this anything abnormal should be seen by a vet no matter how little or small it seems.

He could have a nasty case of mange (sarcoptic particuly nasty). A sensitive skin condition. Dermititis (or some other skin problem). Fleas. Mites. Ticks. Perhaps its just the fact that he hasn't been groomed properly if he was living in a barn? But I wouldn't rule out the other above issues he could have (and it could be a sign of other things too only im not really sure what).

See the vet
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I just had an idea for you!! Your new babys going to need his vaccinations right!? So how about you get him booked in for his shots as soon as you can and whilst there mention his scabs and pick up some flea treatment
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This could be ringworm... You should take him to the vet around now for a consult regardless... He will need his shots, deworming, and flea meds...
Congrats on your new baby!!!
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Thanks guys, I really appriciate the info. I'm going to take him in on my day off this week. Btw, he got flea meds the moment he was brought to my apartment. He's also aleady been adjusted to baths, nail trimming, litter box, and brush time. He's a very good boy. My older girl is also black and white long hair, so I have a big soft spot for them.
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Any chance you could post a photo of the "scabs?"
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So here are some photos of what I'm mentioning..

This morning I was looking them over, and I noticed the 'dandruf'-ie portion of the scab has gone away.. leaving behind scar tissue. It looked a lot like the owie he had when I first got him. when I got him, I thought he had either chewed at a sore spot, or burnt himself.. the first photo is of his original scar. (I appologize, these photos may be rather large)

Right rear paw.

Second Scar, on right thigh

Most recent Scar, mid way on right front paw.

And lastly.. just to show you the cuteness I was refuring to.. this is Louie being sleepy.. other than the scars he's completely happy and content..

Thanks for the advice guys
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They do look like they are healing up, perhaps the results of being picked on in the barn.

But do get Louie to the vet for check up and testing, before he has much close contact with Diamond. You wouldn't want him to be passing anything on to her.

congratulations on your new furbaby!
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So both Louie & Diamond are booked for a vet visit on Friday (I was going to wait until payday, but I figured this is much more important)
Thankfully I found a vet clinic that has come highly recommended in my area, and does not charge for the first visit on new patients (thank goodness...)

I spoke to my mother this morning (Louie came from her barn) and after discussing his symptoms she thinks it's not highly likely to be Ringworm since his mom, and brother have had no symptoms and none of the other cats have either. So I think it's a 50/50 split between Ringworm or just a sensitivity.

Keep your paws crossed for me, and we'll see how it goes.
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So after visiting this vet... I am very irritated with the results..
but long story short, she did the lighting test without results and suggested I tried using "Betadine" or "Hibiclens" on his wounds to see if they clear up..

I have checked on line and these are antiseptic cleanses and also carry high risk factors if they get onto him anywhere other than his wound and are generally meant for humans, not pets.

Anyone else know of a wash or cleanse I can get over the counter to try to help?
The doctor provided no options if it was another sensitivity... and I am not going back there again.. I will be finding a new vet shortly, but it will be a short while since I walked out of there roughly $200 less than I started with...
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Maybe Bactine? I've never heard of the products your vet mentioned but Bactine is just a basic antiseptic, kind of in the same family with peroxide, only it's very gentle and doesn't burn, and won't damage any surrounding tissue you get it on. As a matter of fact it's recommended for use on new body piercings. I've used it many, many times on myself and have never had any irritation from it, which is saying something because I have super senstitve skin. It also has a mild pain medication in it, just for you to know, but I don't think that will be a problem. It's probably one the most gentle antiseptics you're going to find. You can find it at Wal-Mart or pretty much anywhere for about $4-$6. It comes in a regular bottle and also in a spray version, which might be easier to use on kitty. Just don't let him lick it; I know from personal experience that it tastes horrible!

Also, my Kipper gets scabs like that from fleas, mostly under his chin and around his neck, but I saw the pictures and they look just like your baby's. I'm thinking that might be all it is. Even after the fleas are gone they take a while to disappear, but they do go away on their own. Maybe he fought with the other kitties in the barn, or has an allergy to the hay or something there. Maybe they are just "hot spots" like dogs get. I don't know if cats can get hot spots but it's a theory. Either way, the Bactine will help.

But if new ones keep appearing definitely see another vet, because that would eliminate pretty much everything I can think of, and it could turn out to be something worse.

Good luck getting your kitty all better! Keep us posted.
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Little update... I was giving Louie his dewormer as perscribed by his vet. I was gone for a few days so he didn't get meds then (a doc ok'd that) and when I came back, I checked his scars and it appears they are healing let's hope for the best!
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